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Thursday, November 3, 2011

I'm home...

I decided to make the 'worlds biggest pin-cushion' with my scraps...

...now that its finished I realise that it looks just like a 'couch cushion' but I have still stuck
my pins in it...

My gorgeous rug from Azerbaijan... 

Good evening wonderful friends! I hope this post finds you well and happy!

Sorry to bombard you with six posts worth of photos all at once. I have been playing stylist, trying to figure out how best to photograph my dresses before I ship them off. Any suggestions? Which pictures do you like best? My blog posts used to be jam-packed with photos of finished custom orders, but I have had such a hard time photographing the Annie dresses - the pics just don't do them justice. Of course Miss Katie Mitchell did an exceptional job, but unfortunately I don't have her or her stunning sister on-call to help me out on a day to day basis...

Anyway, I am happy to report that we are home sweet home' after a wonderful five days of catching up with my family in Perth. There was a birthday reunion with Aunty at the Indi bar in Scarborough - which was fabulous as the Indi bar was my old 'haunt' back before I became a responsible parent... We listened to great music and drank Pints of Fat Yak.

The rest of the trip was unplanned and uneventful. Which was perfect. You might be surprised to hear that I left the op-shops alone on this particular trip (WHAT! Seriously!) But I did manage to score a pair of Saltwater sandals... I know that I had a pair of these as a kid and I didn't love them back then, but I saw a pair on Alana's blog and it was love at first sight... I needed a pair of summer shoes to wear with my dresses, and I am just not a 'high heel' kinda girl, and a pair of thongs just don't measure up. 

The sandals are perfect. Straight after I bought them (I wore them out of the shop) I headed to the park where my small person was with my sister. I ran up to this fabulous looking 'windsurfer on springs' thingo and jumped on it. I then smashed the tin sail straight into my head and fell off, laughing so hard that I may of wet my pants a little... 

Well on that note, It's time to love you and leave you. Tomorrow is a sewing day, and I have a massive pile of parcels to send. All very exciting!!

Bec x


  1. He he - I'm so sorry but I burst out laughing with your banged head/wet pants comment :p Poor you!
    I can't get over how fantastic Salties are with their buy and wear abilities, and not a rub in sight! (Ps.Thanks for the linkie xx)
    Love the less busy pics and the detail pics (3,4,6,8) I think they show your gorgeous dresses off the best way :)
    Sounds like a lovely break with your family. My sister is in Scarborough now, cant wait to go and visit sometime soon hopefully!
    Hugs xx

  2. Those shoes; I love them and that's a bit strange for mew because I am a barefoot girl. I love the busy photo's becasue they not only show off the dresses but they also tell a story and I love stories. Everything else is gorgeous too especially the cushion and yes I think you have succeeded in making the worlds biggest pincushion......It is fabulous:)

  3. my heart still flutters when i see my dress fabric. cushion sized pin cushion?? perfect. i love the dresses when they're on the dress model. they have fabulous shape and it really shows it off. the fabrics speak for themselves, they're all so beautiful. the detail shots are my fav. happy weekend lovely. xxx

  4. helloooo
    I love the styled photos....they show the dresses off without distraction...although I do like looking at all the other stuff in the pics too ;)
    ps inspired by your procrastination post I have been frantically dymo labelling everything in sight x x x

  5. Love your pin cousion! I once knew a lady who made an enormous pin cousion out of a huge round cake tin, which she covered & stuffed like a pillow on top. It looked like a massive cup cake! Likeing your wee yellow dress too....I think I might have that exact same fabric..in the form of a sheet...lol xx

  6. LOL!

    So how big is the giant pin cushion? Hard to tell the size. I think it looks lovely :)

  7. love the pin cushion! haha!

    and those dress photos are gorgeous :) i love the pocket dresses! and my fave photos are the ones hanging on the wall where the dress of the focus point (my favourite is the hanging photo of laura's dress fabric)!

    and saltwater sandals?? THE BEST EVER! i am currently saving my pennies for a red pair! LOVE THEM!


  8. Oh I love everything in this post! So beautiful! What an amazing pin cushion. Love the dresses on the wall, they are indeed the most wonderful works of art.
    Sophie x