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Sunday, October 28, 2012

party dress...

It was a lovely surprise to see such pretty pictures of miss elsie from a beautiful mess wearing her naughtyshorts dress on the blog yesterday. You can check it out here. While your at it send those ladies a big congrats on the two year anniversary of their red velvet shop. They are very inspiring gals!!
I am off to the markets to visit a special friend and check out her delightful stall.
Maybe pancakes and coffee to follow...
Bec x

Friday, October 26, 2012

where the wild things are...

Yesterday morning we woke up and a little black cat ran straight into our house. Without a collar and a little bit skinny. He made himself at home all day, in and out of windows and lounging around on the daybed. I have been contemplating a pet for the small person for a while. If the vet tells me that this fuzzy little thing is homeless then we may make the move to adopt him as our own.... Zavian has already named him Cinderella.

Along with the skink in my laundry and the snakeskin I found out the front of my house and the possums that live in the roof it has been a week full of wild encounters!

I have been busy sewing all week, so I am going to take the weekend off to enjoy the sunshine and take my new bike for a spin.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

poor little tummy...

My small person kept me up all night with a tummy ache. It was the second night in a row, so if it happens again tonight then we might be at the doctors tomorrow. I gave her the day off from daycare and of course she ran around all day without any sign of illness... I only managed to finish half of what I wanted, but seeing as she was home all day I am happy to have finished anything at all. As frustrating as it could have been, Zav has been such a pleasure that I really enjoyed our day together. I have pulled the house back together and I have a stack of dresses ready to sew-up tomorrow. Fingers crossed we get some sleep tonight because I am running on empty and there is so much more to do!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

before and after...

On the weekend I picked up this table and chairs form the swap-meet carpark sale for only $5 but you can pick up the set new from Ikea for $30. It was looking pretty skanky in it's "pre-loved" condition, complete with scribble and a twilight sticker, but I knew exactly how I would save it.

It was an easy project. I simply took apart the set using an allen key and glued down vintage wallpaper onto the seats and table top. I think it turned out a treat!!

If you could see my house right now, you would probably think that maybe I should be spending my time giving the place a clean rather than faffing around with making-over a table and chairs with my small person... SERIOUSLY, the house is trashed. There are piles upon piles upon piles of stuff around here. It will need to be sorted out this evening if I am to get any work done tomorrow. It will have to wait until I have finished my cuppa. And maybe close my eyes for 10 minutes.

Bec x

Sunday, October 21, 2012

this and that...

Last week I was in the middle of a meltdown. Once again I had a little bit too much on my plate. I was thinking about what I needed to get done and about when it needed to be done by... it was all too much! My head was swimming and my body was tired. Then someone put a calendar in front of me and pointed out that I had been miscalculating my dates and that I actually had a whole extra week up my sleeve...Duh! Suddenly life wasn't so bad and my load seemed a little more manageable. I decided to head to Perth for a weekend of op-shopping and family visiting, tip scouring and garage sale hunting. This was exactly what I needed, to step back and take a break and regain some perspective. The fact that I am coming home with this set of chairs tied to the roof of my car is just the icing on the cake of a weekend full of awesome finds... Tomorrow I will be returning home with a car full of new treasures,  feeling happy and entirely spoiled. I can't wait to do a show and tell :)

Bec x

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Fabric update!

I am just taking a quick lunch and coffee break, in between snapping fabric for the latest update of the fabric library. I will try to get these uploaded tonight... that is if I don't fall asleep while I am putting the small person to bed again.

Did I tell you that my little sister is getting married!! Yup. Next month. I have been given the privilege of making her bridesmaids dresses, one of which I will be wearing. I cant give too much away, but she will be wearing a vintage dress and the wedding is in an apple orchard, so we have decided on soft, muted floral's rather than bright retro fabrics.

I have so much on my plate right now. All wonderful and exciting things, but I have to get cracking!

Happy days.

Bec x

Monday, October 15, 2012

Around here...

We had a wet weekend. The rain didn't really stop so we spent most of our time indoors in the little pink house. We made a cubby and watched lots of tv. I sewed a string of bunting as a gift for a little friends birthday. We went to the party but didn't stay long as the small person was in a sensitive way, and not being allowed to blow out the candles on someone else's cake tipped her over the edge...

The miserable weather and lack of sun made it impossible to get any fabric photos sorted! But they are coming so stay tuned. I did get lots of sewing done though, so I have a big stack of dresses all sewn and ready to ship to their new owners. I will also have a few ready to ship pieces to list in the etsy shop tonight.

I also promised to draw a winner for my fairytale flower giveaway! I was meant to do it last night. I lay down to put the small person to bed at about 7.30 and just didn't get back up again!! I was THAT tired. So I will announce a winner now... drum roll please...

Miss Sarah who wrote - I love the golden champagne organza flower too. I would wear it to work on a cardi... I also have two high-tea events coming up and one of these flowers would go really well on a dress for that too :)

Shoot me an email miss and I will pass your details on to lovely miss Gia.

Bec x

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Fairytale Flower *** Give Away***

Some time ago I was sent these dreamy flower corsages from Fairytale Flower. I love adorning myself with flowers. I have a huge collection of silks that I wear often in my hair or clipped onto a cardigan. These handmade organza blooms are absolutely amongst my favourites. I am always reaching for them at special occasions. I even used them in my brides hair for that recent photo shoot...
Today I have a beautiful medium sized flower corsage to giveaway to one lucky reader. 
A romantic styled bloom added to your outfit is a surefire way to brighten your day! 
  All you have to do is leave a comment below telling me your favourite corsage in the fairytale flower etsy shop and where you might wear it. It might be the perfect accessory to your Melbourne Cup outfit?? While your at it check out Miss Gia's blog, OnePerfectDay
The winner will be drawn on Sunday night.
This is open worldwide!
Be in it to win it! 
Gia is also offering a 20% discount to naughty shorts readers. If you see something you like just send her a message and let her know that I sent you.
Good luck!
Bec x

Friday, October 12, 2012

happening today...

Good morning people! I hope you're feeling wonderful this fine Friday. I stayed up late last night to get these eleven dresses on the hanger and ready to finish. I am hoping to get at least half of them in the post by this afternoon... There are some all time favourite fabrics in this batch. 

I might keep an hour free to snap the new fabrics and get them uploaded to the fabric library this evening before bed, ready for some leisurely weekend perusal...

Bec x

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

right now...

I am enjoying my first cup of tea in three days. The last few times I have been to the shop for groceries I have completely forgotten the main items I went for, tea bags, toilet paper and dishwashing liquid. So we have been wiping our bums with baby wipes, the dishes have been stacking up on the bench and at any moment I have decided to sit down with a cuppa I have been hugely disappointed. This afternoon I made a list before I headed to the shop and on the most part it was a success. I still forgot dishwashing liquid but in a moment of brilliance I grabbed the small persons bubble bath (nasty detergent that it is...) and the kitchen is in order once again.

So the house is back in order and my small is asleep in the back of the car. I can enjoy a moment of peace with a sweet cuppa and take in a magazine.

I have been getting daily visits from the postie this week. I have a huge stack of new fabric to add to the library and I plan to get them snapped over the weekend. Not to mention the remaining 1/3 of my fabric that I didn't get time to snap the first time round. Exciting times! Keep an eye out for the update. Remember it's first in, best dressed.

I have a few pictures to share with you. I have been using mainly instagram pics for my blog lately because sadly I have broken my camera AGAIN! It's the second time in less than two months. I think it's about time I considered getting some insurance. Do they offer protection against three year olds?

Hope your having a great week so far... Bec x

Friday, October 5, 2012

happiness and sunshine...

I had a wonderful day. Today we woke up and threw open the windows to the sunshine and freshness of the morning. I am a morning person. It might take me 15 minutes to initially leave the comfort of my bed, but once I am up I am happy to get into my morning rituals. Cuddles, coffee, emails, a load of washing in the machine and then dressed ready to face the day.

This afternoon I finished a stack of dresses and I have photos to share with you now. I am pretty up to date with my orders so I am planning on opening up the shop tonight with a few custom spots. I am not offering any 3/4 sleeve dresses or twitter dresses for the moment while I am working on developing the peggy and the baguette dress styles. I will be not offering the peggy or the baguette as custom orders. I will hopefully have samples for these new styles available by the end of the month... Please don't hold me to that though. I have learnt from experience that time can get away from me and it is too stressful to hold myself to self imposed deadlines. There are some things you can't rush :)

Tomorrow I have a lazy breakfast planned with some of my favourite people. If the weather tomorrow is anything like the weather was today then a few afternoon drinks might be in order....

I hope you have a wonderful weekend ahead of you, wherever you may be.

Bec x

feedback & support

Thursday, October 4, 2012

baby I'm back!

feedback & support
So here's the news - I have finally replaced my laptop!! I can't tell you how difficult it has been trying to operate without it. Thanks so much for the patience of my customers who have been trying to contact me without a reply. I will be getting back to everyone as soon as possible!! Please feel free to send your email through again if you think I have missed it all together. Sadly, as I discover other items missing from around my house, it appears that I was burgled while I was in Adelaide. Frowny face. I am trying not to think on the fact that I have lost three years worth of treasured photographs of my small person. There is no point in dwelling on misfortune so I will just take this lesson with me and get into the habit of backing up important files. Have you done this. Do it! Do it now!!

So I have been absent for a few weeks and there is so much to catch up on. There is a bounty of treasure I discovered in Adelaide charity shops that I will have to do a show and tell with. My little person celebrated her third birthday. I have wedding pictures to share and a HUGE stash of new fabric to upload to the library. The sugar shack has acquired a few new pieces and is feeling more and more like home everyday. Moments of glorious sunshine have been giving us a sneaky peak at how amazing this summer will be...

I cant wait to settle in tonight with a cuppa and spend a couple of hours catching up on my favourite blogs and online spaces. It will all have to wait for now. I have to get sewing!! I am right up to date with orders and I want to stay that way. I will leave you with a few instagram pictures from the week so far. Bec x