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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Wedding fever!!

Hi peeps! Seems to be a bit of wedding fever spreading round. what did you think of the Royal wedding?? I only caught about two minutes of it, because, well frankly I was over it after about two minutes... BUT, it seams like an appropriate time to tell y'all that I am going to branch out into BRIDAL!! And these weddings are much more my cup of tea...

This most divine photograph, and most others in this post, have been borrowed from Jonas Peterson - This was also in this months Frankie 

Inspired by these beautiful photographs, it got me thinking - what better way to celebrate a handmade, vintage themed wedding, than in a handmade, vintage inspired wedding dress, made from rescued lace curtains and other vintage linens... I think that I would love to do this, and not at a great cost...

...here's one I prepared earlier...

these images pinched from the blog of Dan O Day Photography
I am so excited about this idea - I am thinking that maybe I will make someone a dress out of love just to see it styled and photographed in such a beautiful way. If you are having a wedding - and you think that maybe one of my handmade creations would be right for you - drop me an email...

In other news... I have been smiled upon by the op shop gods in the last few weeks... And here are just a couple of  pictures of my latest acquisitions...

Amazing map of Australia from the sixties...

commemorative tray celebrating the coronation of Queen Elizabeth in 1953...

...new books + tea + bed = Sunday morning bliss...

..and new dresses on the way!!!!

Hope you are having a lovely weekend.


P.S - voting is still open on the dress ups photography comp so go see what all the fuss is about :)


Friday, April 29, 2011

Dress-ups Photo Competition!!

Well here they are - drum roll please - the entries to my very first quarterly 'naughtyshorts! dress up photography competition' !!!!!!!! Yay!

I want to say a big thank you to the lovely ladies who have participated. It makes me so happy to see you in my dresses - and the effort you have gone to is awesome - THANK YOU!!

1. Miss Bec - my only entry from over in the States :)

2. Miss Laura

3. Miss Lucy

4. Miss Marnie

5. Miss Meg

6. Miss Wyanita

7. Miss Kate
8. Miss Naomi

So - basically - now it is up to you!! Get your friends and family on here to vote. Please leave your vote in the comments section for this post. Please only one vote per person - I am quite sure you will have to sign up for a google account in order to make a comment - I hope its not too confusing...

Comments must be left before FRIDAY THE 6TH OF MAY!!!! to be counted as a vote, and to be eligible to go into the draw for a custom tea dress of their very own...

OK - well - GOOD LUCK!!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The secret Garden...

Do you remember the film 'The Secret Garden'?

I have very vague but very fond memories of this film from my childhood, and these memories have served as my latest inspiration...

High stone walls covered in creeping vines.
A found skeleton key
A hidden doorway leading to a forgotten world
A secret place to call your own

I wanted to create a secret garden story with my dresses - a grown up version. Creeping floral designs that demand a ruby lipstick or a rose blush.  Granny boots, grey stockings and cashmere cardigans.

Inspired by gloomy skies and climbing roses.

Ancient buildings and Victorian Jewelry.

Emerald satin trims and tarnished silver tea sets.

If you want to be a part of this story, I have many shabby florals to choose from. I will be uploading them to a separate fabrics page shortly...

Here is a sneaky peak...



Anyway... It really is gloomy here today. I love it. I can't tell you how nice it is to be able to stay inside and sew without feeling guilty about not enjoying the sunshine.

I am happy to tell you all that I have perfected sleeves on my dresses, and also button front dresses. So as soon as I have more time I will be whipping up a few samples for the shop.

I am also up to a few lace dress orders, so the lace/lining combo's will be on my blog in the next couple of days.

Hope you are all feeling rested and ready to face the week after a long, long weekend.

I have eaten more than a few too many hot cross buns, and I might go have some more right now.

Bec x 

Sunday, April 24, 2011

looking back...

These are drawings and experiments from my high school visual diaries. Looking back I am reminded of the enjoyment and the zen that I used to feel when I put pen to paper...

look what happens when mum isn't paying attention...

I am going to teach myself to draw again. A drawing a day. I will try, at least.

Bed time.

Bec x