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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

snap happy!

Cardigans... Boots, leggings - time to rug up!!

there is a bird in my beanie...

the new sashes are double sided and reversible!! Yay!!

In a past life this dress was a seersucker tablecloth!

...and this was some nanna curtains :)

my sooky girl needing some attention...

...gettin freaky!

AND new fabrics - wooooooohoooo!!

...SHEESH! What a lot of photos - of ME! I hope you are not sick of the sight of my face!

You may not have realised that I haven't posted any pics of new dresses lately - this is because I have lost my resident model to a FIFO roster and  a change of pace in the big smoke (if you can call Perth that?).

So with a desperate desire to share some of my latest creations, I enlisted the help of my fantastic mumma who agreed to take HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS of photo's of me, so that I could go through them and vainly pick out the ones that I would share with you. I have tried to leave out any bung eyes and double chins - of course.

Anyway... The A-line tie neck dress will be available in the shop in the next two weeks... I am only going to sell them as ready-to-ship in a size small / medium / large...

The yellow dress is a size 10, it has three ruffles and is a little shorter than the normal tea dress at just above knee high. It will be listed in the shop in about, ummmm, 20 minutes.

OK :) I am off to sew.

BY THE WAY!!!!!! I have finally received a second entry to my COMPETITION!!! Yay - thanks mum. I have explained to her that as my mum it would look a bit suss if she was to win the dress giveaway... But I will make her all the dresses she wants anyway.

I AM GOING TO EXTEND THE COMPETITION DEADLINE TO TUESDAY 26th of APRIL!!! If I can shake the nerves and strike a pose then so can you :) Get to it!!

Mwah!! Hope you are feeling awesome and having a great week so far.

Bec xoxoxoxo


  1. Once I'm on holiday (i.e. friday), I will definitely get the camera out and take some photos for your competition!

  2. Oh My God! You are incredible! Those dresses have me drooling!!!!! Amazing. I can't to not be pregnant and buy one!!! xoxo

  3. Miss Kate!! get your skates on girl you have neen promising me a picture for WEEKS!! Ha ha, no but seriously - Can't wait to see you in it. PLUS Your new orders are getting closer...

    SEWSHESEWS - YOU are incredible!! Loved your blanket today. really inspired me to get out my wip blanket that I started a-g-e-s ago... Thanks x

  4. My Lord,..how gorgeous are you!?!?!?!?!

    I LOVE the swing dress,.. I shall order one when they become available! :):)

    Also,.the cardi,....the grey one,.. where did you get? xxxx

  5. HEllo!!!!
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE my green floral dress i bought from you, it is ADORABLE!! i have every single intention of ordering more and more dresses from you!!
    Thanks so much!!

  6. owww I want that yellow dress so baaad! have to save my pennies for that one :D amazing stuff xoxo

  7. All your dresses are gorgeous and you don't need a model, you look fab. Love the whole dress/cardi/boots look. I am a cardi girl from way back and have a large collection. I am checking your fabrics regularly until I find the one that is just right and I can't wait. Hoping for something with reds/browns. Thanks for popping into my little suburban mama blog, I dream of being as creative as you are. Melx:)

  8. Wow I've just discovered your beautiful dresses and can't wait to buy a couple! Will be stalking your store for the tie dress. Just divine!