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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

introducing little miss naughtyshorts!

Hello all. Today is such a good day. Today i get to play with these beautiful images, created especially for me, by the very extremely talented Karen of Blossomnbird . If your in the market for a custom character illustration for your business you should look her up, she is seriously amazing! She will give you all that you want plus more - she even did up a little drawing of my naughty lady IN HER KNICKERS! Just for fun!!

I have also ordered some labels for my dresses - soon I will look super professional (but don't worry - not too professional). LOOK OUT WORLD!

I am looking at restructuring my fabric page - maybe splitting it into 3 categories, 3 different pages, $80.00 dresses, $90.00 dresses, $100.00 dresses - what do you think?? My system is a bit confusing as it stands??
Anyway, a website makeover is inevitable, watch this space!

PHOTO COMPETITION!! DRESS GIVEAWAY!!!! Still only one entry guys!! Miss Bec over in the USA is looking like a pretty safe bet as the winner right now. Hi Bec :)

If you haven't received your dress yet - don't worry!!! I will run another comp after this one. I am thinking about making it a quarterly thing?? (so don't worry miss Jane) But this won't happen if I am only ever getting one or two entries. If you want to get your hands on a custom made naughty tea dress then PLEASE ENTER!

Ok, I am off to sew.

P.s - I still can't find my flippin' camera - sorry to all of you waiting for fabric stack photo's - once I tidy my studio I'm sure it will turn up.


Bec x


  1. Yay ...she made it...and she looks right at home!
    Oh your camera! :D ...Buried beneath piles of lovely fabric...just which one?
    ...and your comp; my gosh I need to get my lovely Naughty Shorts frock on and get snapping!

  2. what is the competition deadline? I've been meaning to enter but have been super busy. Is the competition open for a few more days?

  3. i really really really want to win one of your dresses but i dont have one yet to model... boo! they are gorgeous!!

    have a fabulous weekend - Kel xx