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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Wedding fever!!

Hi peeps! Seems to be a bit of wedding fever spreading round. what did you think of the Royal wedding?? I only caught about two minutes of it, because, well frankly I was over it after about two minutes... BUT, it seams like an appropriate time to tell y'all that I am going to branch out into BRIDAL!! And these weddings are much more my cup of tea...

This most divine photograph, and most others in this post, have been borrowed from Jonas Peterson - This was also in this months Frankie 

Inspired by these beautiful photographs, it got me thinking - what better way to celebrate a handmade, vintage themed wedding, than in a handmade, vintage inspired wedding dress, made from rescued lace curtains and other vintage linens... I think that I would love to do this, and not at a great cost...

...here's one I prepared earlier...

these images pinched from the blog of Dan O Day Photography
I am so excited about this idea - I am thinking that maybe I will make someone a dress out of love just to see it styled and photographed in such a beautiful way. If you are having a wedding - and you think that maybe one of my handmade creations would be right for you - drop me an email...

In other news... I have been smiled upon by the op shop gods in the last few weeks... And here are just a couple of  pictures of my latest acquisitions...

Amazing map of Australia from the sixties...

commemorative tray celebrating the coronation of Queen Elizabeth in 1953...

...new books + tea + bed = Sunday morning bliss...

..and new dresses on the way!!!!

Hope you are having a lovely weekend.


P.S - voting is still open on the dress ups photography comp so go see what all the fuss is about :)



  1. While I am already married...I used to be a photographer. If you contact a local photographer whose style you like often they would love to work on a collaboration as often it is hard to try new styles and have fun on the actual wedding day. I know I would have been over the moon to hear from someone about an idea like this.

  2. thanks so much for the hot-tip Mrs McAwesome!!

  3. I think your wedding dress idea is a definite winner...any bride would look absolutely beautiful in one of your dresses. And unique. I love it.

    I also love map of Australia very much.

  4. Brilliant idea. I know you will do very well. I wish i was getting married again so i could wear one of your dresses.

  5. Thanks miss Michelle! and Thank you also miss Kylie. Lovely miss Kate I'm afraid that one isn't your dress, sorry - soon though...

  6. gorgeousness! Total gorgeousness!!! (let me email you some pics of a wedding we did on friday night,....right up your alley!),... Oh,..and that map! Yee har! I bought one one ebay for the grand sum of $31 last week! can't wait for it to arrive! xxxx

  7. Oh what a wonderful idea!!! The wedding dress you made is lovely and some bride is going to be very lucky to wear such a vintage inspired goodie! =)

  8. Absolutely gorgeous and you have sooooooo inspired me on the sewing machine!! Now I have a whole new set of "ideas" floating around my pretty wee head for that fabric in my stash!! If you ever come across a copy of issue #6 World sweet world there is a fab article about the couple "who happen to be the editors of the mag" and their amazing wedding............check out her wedding dress!!!

  9. o0o so glad your doing bridal, i can't wait to see it!!!

  10. This is so exciting, like Michelle I wish I was getting married again so I could wear one of your dresses. My best friend wore her mum's dress from the 60's which was similar to your style and she looked gorgeous. My mum was unfortunately early 70's - think long, empire line, bell sleeves and made of nasty sythetic curtain lining. Can't wait to see your ideas in progress. Melx

  11. when i saw those lovely pics in frankie, made me want to have a wedding all over again. . . and if i did, i'd rock one of your frocks for sure!

    loving that map too. score. xo

  12. gorgeous!!! what an amazingly fabulous idea... this is the kind of wedding dress i wish i had discovered before i got married :) you are one clever lady!
    how fabulous were all of those weddings in the latest frankie?

    p.s - LOVE that map! how lucky are you?!?!