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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I have something a bit special to show you...

I would be surprised if the neighbours weren't a little bit concerned about me after the squealing that came out of my house upon the arrival of a tiny parcel of goodness this morning.... Waiting for these pictures has seen me in a giddy state of excitement!! And now that I finally have them here, gazing upon them has set me into a state of tingle-inducing joy. I am over the flippin' moon!!

The creative force behind these glorious images is Photographer Katie Mitchell. I'll tell you one thing - if I ever decide that Levi and I WILL get married (we are currently debating the issue) I will be flying miss Mitchell across the continent to be there for the special day. She is Ah-ma-zing!

And... do you recognize that cute face smiling out at you from those dreamy pics?? Why its none other than everyone's blogland sweetheart miss Laura Mitchell from Kit and Nancy... These sisters!! They are like a dynamic duo of artsy, craftsy goodness!!

Well as you can see I am beyond happy with the outcome of this little venture. I wish I had miss Katie on hand for all of my photo-taking requirements.

Thank you so soooooooooooo much ladies. Have fun in Hawaii!! I will miss you!!

I had better stop faffing around with the computer and get back to sewing.


Sunday, September 25, 2011

Doll house reno...

A few days before we left for Bali, I stumbled upon this sensational doll house at the local oppy. I snapped it up for the small sum of $8.00 and swiftly brought it home. I have big plans for this grand house.

Today, after a visit to the paint department in Bunnnings it was time to get started. I was apprehensive about using my favourite wallpaper form the stash, but the question had to be asked, what am I saving it for?? I need to stop being so precious with my stuff. I think its a bit like saving your nice knickers for a special occasion and they never end up being worn. Or maybe that's just me...

I still have some work to go but I am pleased as pie with the outcome so far. I am waiting for the arrival of some different wallpapers to cover the bottom two rooms. I can't stop thinking about sewing up mini curtains and soft furnishings. Hopefully I will have it finished in a few weeks. I have to admit that although I planned to share the transformation of this house with my small person, I was a bit bossy and ended up not letting her do very much. Nothing in fact.

I am happy to say that we did spend a large part of yesterday building tents in the backyard and lounging around in the sun. I also need to confess that all of the 'tent's' are still outside now and are being rained on heavily, along with all of the washing I have done this weekend and all of the painting equipment on the deck. Funny weather...

I hope that your weekend was full of wonderful happenings!! Ready for a big week? Here we go!!

Bec x

Friday, September 23, 2011

back to normal

Late night craft project inspired by the golden books bunting I am seeing everywhere
at the moment... Made with daggy old 80's sewing patterns.

I have sewn each of the panels onto a fabric backing then cut out with pinking shears.

Familiar sight :) back to work on custom orders...

Today I felt well and truly back in the swing of things. After spending all day on Wednesday cutting out pieces for custom orders, today I was able to concentrate on the business of sewing. 

I was able to get through the day with minimal distractions. There was the usual tea breaks and facebook procrastination, but I managed to get a lot done. 

I have a sense of renewed enthusiasm. A brief holiday has put life back into perspective and I am now subscribing to a new way of living that is all about BALANCE, my friends. So I am writing a list. The things I would like to change and improve and implement to make my life better...

Here is my list... so far at least...

1. Try out single tasking. see this post by Pip over at Mikes...
2. Spend less time on the computer
3. Naughty sewing in designated work hours ONLY - weekends off!! (however non business sewing and crafting is still allowed 'till late )
4. Learn to enjoy cooking once again. I seem to have lost the joy of cooking since becoming a mum. 
5. Stop neglecting my friends. A few drinks and a night of music and laughter every now and then will be good for me.
6. Be outside more. Let the fresh air fill my lungs and the sun touch my skin.
7. More water and less tea and coffee (and maybe less biscuits) 
8. Dedicated play time with my small person.
9. Regular date nights with my love.
10. Real life crafternoons with like minded humanoids.
11. Try to keep my house a little bit more organised.
12. Want for less.
13. Simplify.
14. cull...

My list is a work in progress. I expect that it will keep on evolving. Do you have a list. Send me a link so maybe I can read your list and borrow a few things for mine :) 

Happiness, well being, self improvement. It's in the air.

Bec x

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Shop update....

I re-opened the etsy shop this morning, and watched the dress listings sell as quickly as I could add them. My shop now looks bare and boring, with just a few random cushions and blankets left behind. I am refraining from adding more dresses for sale, as tempting as it may be, as I do not want to end up with too many outstanding orders when it comes time to make the big move to Panna.

Above is a sneaky preview of a photoshoot by the incredibly talented Katie Mitchell. I will have more to show you next week and I can't wait!!

In other news - I have finished updating my fabrics. I have now listed all of the standard and premium fabrics together on one page that you can check out here and the deluxe fabrics have their own dedicated page here. Updating my fabrics has become a MAMMOTH task. I must try to tame the beast that is my fabric stash!! I hope the new system holds up for a while....

Anyway, I am feeling a bit distracted so I will love you and leave you.


Bec x

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

home sweet home...

A large stack of Balinese hand-woven baskets 

the MOST incredible vinyl I have ever seen. All of the food shops and market stalls I saw in Bali have tables
covered in these vibrant vinyl's in awesome colours and prints. I had to have some!
I ended up getting the help of a local man and his trusty scooter. After a few hours of riding around
 I found some in a local supply shop and I want to cover EVERYTHING in it.

I just wish I found more... more styles, more colours.
next time...

Pressed tin and more woven baskets...

A vintage lovely discovered in the local oppy the day before we left...

...and here is its friend.

Special thanks to miss Kel at green tea and red nails for my delicious vintage sheet fat quarters!
They are Ah-maa-zing!!!!!

The arrival of a special little tin in the post...

which prompted a little bit of tin arranging...

And a stack of yummy inspirational magazines.
Which I am saving for a relaxing moment on the couch with a nice cup of tea.

Today I feel like the luckiest girl in the whole wide world.

We arrived home last night to a spotless house and a roast dinner - courtesy of my lovely mum-in-law. A warm shower and a good scrub from head to toe. Clean pyjama's, fresh vintage floral sheets and a good night sleep in my own bed. After three weeks away living in hotels and other peoples houses, it feels so nice to back in my own space.

Waiting for me when I walked through the door was a big pile of packages. In my suitcases an array of woven baskets, blankets, jewels and other assorted curios collected on my travels wait ready to be unpacked.

Today I opened all the windows to allow the cold wind to breeze through my house. It is such a welcome change to the humid heat that tropical Bali is famous for. I know I need to make the most of this cool Southern weather before we make the move to Pannawonica.

So now, feeling revitalised and ready to work, I will set about updating my fabrics and re-opening the shop. I have a fresh stack of orders waiting for me from the facebook market night AND I have a fresh stack of fabrics to tempt you all with.

Can't wait to show you!

Hope you are all well and happy wherever you are in the world!!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

selamat Pagi!!

Good morning beautiful people! How are you all??

I miss you all so much. I have just discovered the free wireless internet in our hotel room and I have been playing a little bit of catch up in blog land! It seems everyone has been so busy and creative. Apologies for not leaving any comments - as I am trying to keep my time on the computer brief...

I am most excited to tell you that there is a little something about naughty shorts in the current issue of peppermint magazine. I have not seen it yet and I have no idea what it says or how it looks!! I think the first thing I will do upon arriving back to Australia is run to the airport newsagency and try to buy myself a copy. I am so thrilled to have a mention in another wonderful Australian magazine!!

Once I get back to Perth I will re-open the shop with a limited number of customs dresses available. I am thinking that 5 custom spots a week will be a good number for me to keep my workload under control - especially with the big move coming up!! I also plan to make a few one-of-a-kind dresses available ready to ship each week so that I can keep those creative juices pumping.

In other Super exciting news I am jumping out of my skin with anticipation to see the photos from a collaboration with one of my most favourite blog-pals miss Laura Mitchell from Kit and Nancy and her extremely talented photographer sister Katie Mitchell. Miss Katie has been sick with Bronchitis so I am sending her a virtual hug and a get well soon card. Miss Laura has just celebrated her 28th birthday - so I am sending her a virtual birthday hug and a big slap on the bum for being so awesome! I hope you appreciate it miss Laura *wink*........ Miss Laura's blog never fails to make me smile. That lady is over flowing with creativity and her images are always gorgeous. Make sure you check out these gals if you haven't already!!

Well, I am having the most fabulous time over here in Bali. I have taken a few photos - but mainly I have just been enjoying myself and not worrying too much about 'capturing the moment'.

Highlights have been dinner at Jimbaran bay, a day trip to Ubud and the monkey forrest, Shopping, More shopping, massages on the beach under the shade of a gorgeous big tree, and of course cold bintang next to the pool and the standard bali pedicure - complete with painted flowers!

I have been so inspired by the colours and the handicrafts and the people!! I am starting to wish I could come home and get back to work!! I am a lucky girl to love my job so much!

So now I will love you and leave you - with a few snapshots from our holiday so far.


the small person watching the world pass by from the window of the taxi...

best spots on this dog...