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Friday, September 23, 2011

back to normal

Late night craft project inspired by the golden books bunting I am seeing everywhere
at the moment... Made with daggy old 80's sewing patterns.

I have sewn each of the panels onto a fabric backing then cut out with pinking shears.

Familiar sight :) back to work on custom orders...

Today I felt well and truly back in the swing of things. After spending all day on Wednesday cutting out pieces for custom orders, today I was able to concentrate on the business of sewing. 

I was able to get through the day with minimal distractions. There was the usual tea breaks and facebook procrastination, but I managed to get a lot done. 

I have a sense of renewed enthusiasm. A brief holiday has put life back into perspective and I am now subscribing to a new way of living that is all about BALANCE, my friends. So I am writing a list. The things I would like to change and improve and implement to make my life better...

Here is my list... so far at least...

1. Try out single tasking. see this post by Pip over at Mikes...
2. Spend less time on the computer
3. Naughty sewing in designated work hours ONLY - weekends off!! (however non business sewing and crafting is still allowed 'till late )
4. Learn to enjoy cooking once again. I seem to have lost the joy of cooking since becoming a mum. 
5. Stop neglecting my friends. A few drinks and a night of music and laughter every now and then will be good for me.
6. Be outside more. Let the fresh air fill my lungs and the sun touch my skin.
7. More water and less tea and coffee (and maybe less biscuits) 
8. Dedicated play time with my small person.
9. Regular date nights with my love.
10. Real life crafternoons with like minded humanoids.
11. Try to keep my house a little bit more organised.
12. Want for less.
13. Simplify.
14. cull...

My list is a work in progress. I expect that it will keep on evolving. Do you have a list. Send me a link so maybe I can read your list and borrow a few things for mine :) 

Happiness, well being, self improvement. It's in the air.

Bec x


  1. I am printing this out and putting it up in my sewing room! Love it! x

  2. Great crafty idea! I'm a bit obsessed with bunting, but yet to try it myself. I've been making noise about simplifying my life too, starting with a massive cull of stuff. I honestly don't know where I accumulated all of these things! Good luck!

  3. That cooking one so totally rings true, same has happened to me, used to love cooking, now it just seems like something that has to be done. Other news, had a little girl Layla last saturday! She is lovely and all going great. x

  4. This list is a great start, I need to take a leaf out of your book here! Your bunting is gorgeous & those neat fabric piles have made my heart skip a beat..

  5. your list hits the spot with me too...I might have to copy and it and pin to my wall....
    ps thankyou for your lovely comments,I love the fact that you call me ..miss jane x x x x
    have a happy work free weekend :)

  6. I'm hearing ya Bec! Ditto to all of the above!
    I need to add #15 SLOW THE MIND!!!

    Chamomile tea and black eyed susan..........see I know what to do, I just need to do it!

    By the way that Bunting of daggy 80's patterns NO longer looks daggy, it looks very groovey!

  7. love your list and it's always a treat to see your stash. good work on making weekends for you. have a lovely week gorgeous. xx