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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Doll house reno...

A few days before we left for Bali, I stumbled upon this sensational doll house at the local oppy. I snapped it up for the small sum of $8.00 and swiftly brought it home. I have big plans for this grand house.

Today, after a visit to the paint department in Bunnnings it was time to get started. I was apprehensive about using my favourite wallpaper form the stash, but the question had to be asked, what am I saving it for?? I need to stop being so precious with my stuff. I think its a bit like saving your nice knickers for a special occasion and they never end up being worn. Or maybe that's just me...

I still have some work to go but I am pleased as pie with the outcome so far. I am waiting for the arrival of some different wallpapers to cover the bottom two rooms. I can't stop thinking about sewing up mini curtains and soft furnishings. Hopefully I will have it finished in a few weeks. I have to admit that although I planned to share the transformation of this house with my small person, I was a bit bossy and ended up not letting her do very much. Nothing in fact.

I am happy to say that we did spend a large part of yesterday building tents in the backyard and lounging around in the sun. I also need to confess that all of the 'tent's' are still outside now and are being rained on heavily, along with all of the washing I have done this weekend and all of the painting equipment on the deck. Funny weather...

I hope that your weekend was full of wonderful happenings!! Ready for a big week? Here we go!!

Bec x


  1. whoa, i love your doll house-the greens are gorg. I've just started a doll house do-up myself and just I fob of my girl with the dollies while I play with 'my' house x

  2. It's looking great! I love the wallpaper.

    E :)

  3. It looks fantastic!
    I understand the not letting people help - that is basically learning to cook with my grandma! She does everything! haha :D

  4. Very cute. Hopefully your daughter gets a turn soon!! ;)