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Friday, September 2, 2011

Long people...

Hi lovely peeps!

Yesterday I followed a link and found myself over at the a new online publication called 'tickle the imagination' ..... It looks like it is going to be a super cute read - and many talented people will be contributing to it.

You could of knocked me down with a feather when, on the tickle website, I saw a preview of the 'handmade living' book. A project that looks JUST the same (sort of) as my long people... If you don't remember the long folk you can find a tutorial for them here... Any way, these other people are very similar to my long people indeed :)

The book looks like it will be a good one. But I am waiting in great anticipation for the delivery of my Dottie Angel book and also for the release of Pip's new book.

If you haven't pre-ordered the Dottie Angel book she is having a competition on her blog to win a copy AND an original embroidery piece that was made especially for the book. That would be a bit spesh I reckon....

One day I would love to have a book of my own!! I think that is where I am setting my sights. That will be my dream come true.

Well I have had to resign myself to the fact that a few dresses are going to be left cut and sitting on my sewing table, waiting for my return from Bali. I did finish miss Margies dress and also Sally's bridesmaids dresses - so I have to go to the post office now and get them on their way!!

Hope you are all well and happy!!!!



  1. A wish to be published falls into my bucket list too :0) And I think I would like to live with long people ;0)

  2. Your long people are cute! I hope you get your book wish one day, I am desperately awaiting Pip's newbie too.