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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I have something a bit special to show you...

I would be surprised if the neighbours weren't a little bit concerned about me after the squealing that came out of my house upon the arrival of a tiny parcel of goodness this morning.... Waiting for these pictures has seen me in a giddy state of excitement!! And now that I finally have them here, gazing upon them has set me into a state of tingle-inducing joy. I am over the flippin' moon!!

The creative force behind these glorious images is Photographer Katie Mitchell. I'll tell you one thing - if I ever decide that Levi and I WILL get married (we are currently debating the issue) I will be flying miss Mitchell across the continent to be there for the special day. She is Ah-ma-zing!

And... do you recognize that cute face smiling out at you from those dreamy pics?? Why its none other than everyone's blogland sweetheart miss Laura Mitchell from Kit and Nancy... These sisters!! They are like a dynamic duo of artsy, craftsy goodness!!

Well as you can see I am beyond happy with the outcome of this little venture. I wish I had miss Katie on hand for all of my photo-taking requirements.

Thank you so soooooooooooo much ladies. Have fun in Hawaii!! I will miss you!!

I had better stop faffing around with the computer and get back to sewing.



  1. They are a talented family! Those photos are gorgeous.

  2. so glad you love them. the dress is the star. i still squeal when i put it on. xx

  3. oh so pretty , these pics are lovely hmmmmmm I am off back for another look
    x x x x x x x x x x x x x

  4. so gorgeous! the dress looks very beautiful.

  5. How awesome is that. Really love the pics.

  6. Heavenly divine Rebecca you are delightfully surrounded by gorgeous creativity everywhere. Love everything about Naughty Shorts. XX

  7. Love these photos. Miss Laura looks so dreamy and gorgeous, she is the perfect model for one of your dresses, and she has good taste in shoes too. melx

  8. Amazing photos - love love love them!!!!

  9. The dress is pretty perfect, the light is magical and the pictures are fabulous!

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