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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Its my birthday!! Nah nah!

I was a chubby baby...

This little girl wants to be an artist when she grows up...

Or maybe a fashion designer...

Did I mention I was a chubby baby??

Tonight, to celebrate my 27th Birthday, we had planned to leave small person with my mum-in-law and head out for a fancy dinner. Instead, because I feel like there is a golf ball trying to escape out of my forehead, my love is cooking a fancy dinner at home. A fancy dinner that I can enjoy in my pyjamas. Bliss.

Thanks everyone for your wonderful birthday wishes. I am feeling truly loved and very special.

I hope that you are enjoying this sunny Wednesday.

Tomorrow is the first day of Spring.

Bec x

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

tea and sympathy...

Good afternoon lovely peeps! How are you all? Have you had a busy Tuesday?

I have had quite possibly the busiest Tuesday of my life.

It all started with a nice long soak in the bath accompanied by a mug of tea and the latest Frankie magazine. This is highly unusual behaviour in the mornings, but we had a couple of hours to kill before a trip to the doctors, and having my mother-in-law living with us certainly has its benefits when it comes to needing a minute to yourself... My bath was gate-crashed by an eager small person eventually, but not before I finished my cuppa and a couple of articles. It was a nice start....

At the doctors I am happy to say that Miss Z has been given the all clear. Her ears have 'resolved beautifully' and she no longer needs antibiotics. Hallelujah! I on the other hand have been prescribed medicines to fix my own sinus infection - which explains why my head feels like it is full of cement and one of my back teeth has had a pulse for a week.

Despite the fact that I am going cross-eyed staring at my sewing machine, I have absolutely stitched my heart out today. The deadline is looming for orders to be shipped before I escape to Bali next week and I certainly don't intend to disappoint anyone who is expecting their dress before I say bon voyage.

I managed to finish all that I needed to today, and I delivered a HUGE sack full of orders wrapped and packed to the post office this afternoon. Tomorrow is another sewing day, and I plan to finish the dresses for Sally's bridesmaids and an 'Annie' dress for miss Margie...

So now I am enjoying a pot of tea. My teacups arrived (in time for my birthday tomorrow!) and they are just as beautiful as I hoped. Dinner is cooked. The sewing machine is turned off. It might be time for another bath...

Much love!!

Bec x

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Saturday behaviour...

This morning we awoke by alarm at 'dark'o'clock' to set up our driveway for a garage sale...

Levi set off to put up the signs and bring us back an awful coffee and a dried up bacon and egg toastie from the local bakery. I potted around the house thinking about what I might possibly be willing to sell.

I was sad to say goodbye to my fridge. It was the very first appliance I ever bought when I first moved out of home. I remember feeling so mature when I came home with my first 'grown-up' purchase. It has seen a lot of mouldy food, forgotten vegetables and unidentifiable left overs. It has been taken from house to house and met many housemates, seen many parties and a whole lot of booze... One of my happiest days was when I used a stencil from this ED ROTH book and gave it a funky hounds toothe make over...

The highlight of my day was a visit from a lovely gal named Jo. She emailed me a few weeks ago after reading the blog and realising that we lived close by. She came with coffee!! Nice coffee! and croissants! which she left behind and we ate for morning tea!! (thanks Jo!)

Not only did she bring food, but she brought with her a little suitcase full of stitchy delight. Jo is an art school drop-out like me :) We both studied textiles and we both share a love of crafty stuff (wow). It is so nice to meet peeps in the real world who share this love of the handmade... I was in awe of her stitchy talents - and i am seriously looking forward to sitting around and making stuff with her one day. I am hoping to pick up some of her skills... and maybe learn some patience while I am at it.

the driveway.... notice the awesome refrigerator...

some of Jo's lovely little pieces...

a stitched and felted notebook - so precious that Jo has been afraid to use it for anything yet...

for me? you shouldn't have!

This sassy lady and her croc...

'please no! I hate photos!'

See what a cutie Jo is. Yay for new friends!

Anywho, I have business to attend to. The wrapping and finishing of dresses, ready to send off with the postie on Monday...

I hope you are enjoying a delicious weekend so far!!

Bec x


Friday, August 26, 2011

things that concern me right now...

Hi lovely People. I hope you are all feeling wonderful and ready to embrace the weekend!

I am feeling a little bit chaotic after last nights Market on Facebook. It was hectic!! I pretty much sold out of all of my dresses in about 28 seconds. I want to say a big thank you to all of the ladies who participated, and made my first attempt at facebook marketing a night to remember.

I am sure that a lot of you are sick of the selling and promoting, so I am going to leave that behind for a minute and touch on a few more personal matters... like the state of my mind.

It is a little bit concerning to me that I can't stop my mind from thinking about blogging.... It seems that everything I do is accompanied by an unspoken rambling in my mind of how I might be able to blog about it later...

It has happened to me before. After all of the reality cooking shows became popular I found myself running a sort of retrospective commentary, in my own head, whilst I was cooking. I'm not sure if you know what I mean.... but you know how the contestants get to revisit the footage of them cooking, and they explain to us what was racing through their minds at that very moment.... For example they might say "I could smell something burning in the oven, and it was at that point I knew my chance of cooking in the final was over."

 I knew that I was a bit batty when I found myself doing it while I was making a bowl of instant noodles. "...I knew I couldn't leave the noodles cooking for too long, in case they became soggy."

I think that there is something seriously wrong with me...

Have a good weekend!

Bec x

Thursday, August 25, 2011


deja vu?

Just editing the pictures for my new 'Josephine' dress...

Or maybe I will call it the 'Seraphine' dress?

Bec x

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

No turning back now!

Phew! Getting ready for my first Facebook market night tomorrow is EXHAUSTING!

Finishing the dresses that I have ordered. 
Finishing the dresses that are ready to ship.
Creating my market night album.
Hoping that I haven't forgotten any important details...


Wish me luck! Tomorrow is going to be a big day!

But something else is welling up inside me!! I AM SO BLOODY EXCITED!! about the imminent arrival of our vintage fat quarters!! Not trying to rush you Kel - take all of the time you need - but I can not wait! wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!


Bec x

a new design...

I love this dress so much!

It has lace details on the bodice and on the hemline - recycled from a vintage curtain - of course!

It has an irregular hemline - shorter at the front and longer at the back. I added extra fabric to the back of the skirt as well, so it falls beautifully. Such a romantic style.

I love the brown floral - it makes me feel like I am in a sepia toned photograph.

I was going to sell it at the market night - but I have discovered a small stain on the front bodice. It is hardly noticeable - so I am happy to wear it - but I couldn't sell it. I have more fabric available so perhaps I will list one for sale as a custom listing??

What do you think?

Bec x

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

happy as a clam!

Hi there party people! How are you this fine Tuesday evening?

I have had a one of those days - no not one of THOSE days - but one of those days when everything seems to fall into place. A happy day. Full of smiles and achievements. 

My small person went off to daycare without a hitch..
Started the day with an hour in my favourite cafe self caffeinating... 
I finished all of the dresses that I had planned to...
They all looked even more beautiful than I had hoped for...(photos tomorrow)
Amazing new goodies arriving in the post...
I received the most wonderful feedback...
I announced my first facebook market night...

Pretty good all round! I am most pleased - and exhausted. I have had such a busy day I did not even pause to take any pictures - so please enjoy these snippets stolen from yesterday...

If you haven't checked out the naughty shorts facebook page yet please head over and take a peek! After deciding to hold my market this thursday at 8pm AEST - I have been BOMBARDED with new likers and heaps of wonderful kind words - too many for me to keep track of or get back to. I will try though!

The response has been so so SO overwhelming that I am now more than a bit nervous about how it will all go down. I hope that what I have to offer doesn't disappoint. There are not as many dresses as I was hoping, Being sick has really set me back - but I will be offering a handful of custom spots as well all of the 'ready to ship' pieces that I have been working on.

Well, now I will enjoy my pot of tea, a snuggle with my small person, and I think it will be off to bed so that I can wake up and do it all again tomorrow!

I hope that your day was wonderful and productive too!!


Bec x