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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

tea and sympathy...

Good afternoon lovely peeps! How are you all? Have you had a busy Tuesday?

I have had quite possibly the busiest Tuesday of my life.

It all started with a nice long soak in the bath accompanied by a mug of tea and the latest Frankie magazine. This is highly unusual behaviour in the mornings, but we had a couple of hours to kill before a trip to the doctors, and having my mother-in-law living with us certainly has its benefits when it comes to needing a minute to yourself... My bath was gate-crashed by an eager small person eventually, but not before I finished my cuppa and a couple of articles. It was a nice start....

At the doctors I am happy to say that Miss Z has been given the all clear. Her ears have 'resolved beautifully' and she no longer needs antibiotics. Hallelujah! I on the other hand have been prescribed medicines to fix my own sinus infection - which explains why my head feels like it is full of cement and one of my back teeth has had a pulse for a week.

Despite the fact that I am going cross-eyed staring at my sewing machine, I have absolutely stitched my heart out today. The deadline is looming for orders to be shipped before I escape to Bali next week and I certainly don't intend to disappoint anyone who is expecting their dress before I say bon voyage.

I managed to finish all that I needed to today, and I delivered a HUGE sack full of orders wrapped and packed to the post office this afternoon. Tomorrow is another sewing day, and I plan to finish the dresses for Sally's bridesmaids and an 'Annie' dress for miss Margie...

So now I am enjoying a pot of tea. My teacups arrived (in time for my birthday tomorrow!) and they are just as beautiful as I hoped. Dinner is cooked. The sewing machine is turned off. It might be time for another bath...

Much love!!

Bec x


  1. What a lovely day! A soak in the tub first thing in the morning is every kind of decadence and to be relished!!! Your dresses are divine and when my belly returns to normal I absolutely need one!! Wishing you a wonderful week :)

  2. Eeeek! I can't wait to get my Annie dress!
    I scored a lovely teacup from my mum last week, she has sooo many vintage pretty ones ♥

  3. happy happy birthday for tomorrow! hope it's a wonderful day full of all good things.


  4. The dresses look absolutely fabulous!!!
    All in all your day sounds pretty enviable....

    I'll keep my Happy Birthdays for tomorrow.

  5. firstly...i can't believe you're only 27!!!! woman, you're amazing. you are so inspiring. i hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow and give yourself a little break. much floral love. teaset is lovely!! xx

  6. Will get in early and wish you Happy Birthday for tomoz! What a great start to the day and hope you get to relax again soon. Love that last dress! :)

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  8. Happy Birthday lovely Rebecca (another Virgo, me too) I am happy your china tea cups arrived they are so pretty. I am inlove with that top dress, love the earthy colours a lot. Hope you enjoy Bali oh how divine possibly even sublime. Xx

  9. Those dresses are stunning as always. Happy birthday xo

  10. Happy Birthday. I had sinus stuff too which gave me a headache and tooth ache. My doctor prescribed inhalations(towel over head, over bowl of boiling water and eucalyptus oil) followed by snorting a cup of hot/warm water with half a teaspoon of each salt, sugar and bicarb dissolved in it, 3 times a day. Suffice to say the latter is best done with no one else around and over the bowl!!! I managed twice a day for about 3 days but it did sort the problem out.