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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

a bit of this, a bit of that...

still busy busy busy...

my sister - i love you

Hi peeps! How are you all going??

Me, I am well! Thanks for asking :)

I have done lots of stuff. Made heaps of orders. I made a skirt. Do you like my skirt?? I used an applique from a gorgeous tablecloth gifted to me by the divine miss Kel at Green Tea and Red Nails!! She is a doll! Thanks for the package miss - you SPOIL me!!!

To be honest my mind is elsewhere right now... My little sister is over in London and a whole bunch of crazy assholes are running around smashing up the city and burning buildings down... My little sister is my favourite fully grown human out of all the humanoids I know. I hate having her so far away with all that mental stuff going on around her. The police are calling in "recreational rioting" because there is no known reason or protest. Just a bunch of losers stealing stuff and destroying the city. Here is a link to a blog post describing what happened at my sisters Boyfriends restaurant last night while he was working... Apparently he was a bit of a hero! Nice one Ian!

So anyway, I am off, to eat yummy curry made by my love and try to skype my sissy-poo-wassel...

Hope all of your loved ones are safe! wherever they might be!

Bec x


  1. I love the skirt at the top of the post. Very nice.

  2. It's beautiful! And it does have pockets if my eyes don't play tricks on me. Awesome! I love skirts with pocket.

  3. I love the skirt, it's very adorable! I hope your break is going swell, and that you're having fun being creative. Glad to hear that your sister is safe in London, i know how scary the stupid "recreational riots" are for people with loved ones in those areas, so thank you for your kind words! xx

  4. that pic of you and your sis is lovely! so glad to see that having time off from sewing doesnt mean time off from your blog! love your stuff!

  5. I am so in love with your skirt ... wishing it was mine!!

  6. Hey Bec....!

    I hope you had a good Skype with your Sister....! I know it must be worrying for you to have her near the riots....Lets hope sanity prevails....QUICKLY....!

    Tamarah :o)

  7. I love this skirt!
    I love this blog!
    I'm signing up!

  8. Gasp! Ohmigoodness! I think I saw my name up there! That's so exciting!

    Plus, that stripey pink skirt is lovely. :)

    Hope your sister managed to stay safe - it must have been pretty scary! I had a hard time watching it on the news - some of the looting was in East London where I used to work last year. Really horrible. :(