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Friday, September 28, 2012

Still here

I still have no computer but I have been getting through by checking emails via my iPhone and making the most of instagram. I have been flat out sewing for the last two days and I expect to have nearly all of my outstanding orders finished by the end of next week. If you want to get in contact with me right now instagram seems to be the best way. I hope you have the most wonderful weekend planned!! Bec x

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Unplugged for the minute

I have returned home from my amazing Adelaide trip to discover my laptop is missing. Until it is found or replaced I will be working from my iPhone!! If you are waiting to hear from me please be patient as this is a bit tricky. I will not be able to read any Facebook messages so please email instead. Uf you think I may have missed your message please send it through again. I will be trying to reply to everyone ASAP. Bec x

Sunday, September 9, 2012

best weekend!

What a huge weekend!! It really was a doozy. I re-opened the shop on Saturday morning and over the last two days it has basically been sold out. I have plenty of fresh orders to keep me busy for a while, and a new dress style that I desperately want to develop, so its time to shut the shop again so that I can focus on the business of making and creating.

The new style, that I have named 'the baguette' features a fully lined bodice and a pleated skirt with side pockets that meet in the middle (like a hoodie, but hidden). I don't know why I named it the baguette, it just popped into my head and it stuck.

I played around with the idea of an apron pocket skirt and I LOVE this. I think the combination of the fabrics and the style tell a really old fashioned, Australian story. I haven't named this style yet, I am open to suggestions. 

Also feeling completely inspired by the 70's beach girls from puberty blues. I caught my first episode the other night and I'm instantly addicted, I will have to download the first few episodes that I have missed already.

On Friday I hit up the op-shop and decided to browse the ladies jeans (I don't peruse the clothing that often any more) and hit the jackpot. Two pairs of the most awesome fitting jeans I have EVER owned at jut three bucks a pair. I was so ridiculously happy I had to call someone just to tell them how lucky I was. I have decided that the oppy is the perfect place to buy jeans as they come pre-stretched and  already worn in. Usually I buy a great pair of jeans that don't fit me two weeks later because they have grown a size. 

So I have has a most productive, happy weekend! I have my girl back now and its time to give her my undivided attention. Hope you are having a lovely Sunday evening.

Bec x

Friday, September 7, 2012

Instagram photo display...

Last week I ordered a bunch of instagram pics through prinstagram. I was pretty surprised to see the fedex van in my driveway this afternoon, I really was not expecting them to be printed and shipped to Australia so quickly!! The photos are beautiful. Printed on a matte card that is much sturdier than your standard photo paper. I know I will order more, I am thrilled and highly recommend you try them out. If you have instagram pics printed anywhere else that you could recommend I would really love to know. This is among the first places I have found that ships to Australia. I was so excited to finger through my little bundle. I quickly whipped them out and blu-tacked them to my mirror on the lounge mantel. I think the mirror makes a perfect display. What do you think?

Meanwhile, Some little magpies decided that they would come for an afternoon visit. They have no fear. They just decided that they would make friends with me since the first day we moved in. It is so gorgeous having them talking to eachother outside our house all day. Excuse the mess in the house. While I have been baby free the last few days I have trashed the house sewing. Stray thread, scraps and power chords EVERYWHERE! I am working in particular on one style of dress (Sophie I'm talking to you!! *wink*)...

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Fabric Update

Photographing my obscenely large fabric collection is a huge task. It is one that I have to psyche myself up for. Starting early this morning I pulled out my fabrics, stack by stack and started to catalogue my stash. I am pretty much finished.... Here is the link to the new page

I  will re-open the shop on Saturday with limited custom spots available. Get in quick if you want first pick from the new fabrics!! 

Now I am seriously exhausted. The small person is taking a few days with her dad so I am baby free and looking forward to an easy night. Spicy food, Chocolate, T.V, Bed socks... You get the idea....

Bec x

Monday, September 3, 2012

birthday tales, shop update and winner announcement

(1. Katie finishing the hems on her bridesmaids dresses)(2. The bestest birthday present)(3. The new pallet daybed)(4. My dad and the small person)(5. birthday posies)(6. Still shuffling and arranging the old sugar shack...)

I have had the honour of making the bridesmaids dresses for a dear friends wedding. On Thursday night last week she drove down to the sugar shack to spend the night with me and keep me motivated to get the last details finished on her dresses. We sat up sewing until 1am, completely exhausted but happy. Katie does not normally sew but I left the hems for her to finish as a bit of fun. I will be flying to Adelaide in the next couple of weeks for her big day. I can't wait. It will be a fabulous reunion of our old Freo crew. 

While Katie was here I made her help me grab a pallet from a building site across the road from my house. It was so big and heavy. We had a big laugh shuffling down the road with it, knocking our shins and leaving bruises on our thighs. I think it was well worth the effort.  

My dad came by with a few more of my things, including the big storage unit for my studio, which means I can finally start unpacking my fabric...... and you know what that means? The fabric update is imminent!! As soon as the fabrics are updated I will be taking the fabric selections for any outstanding orders, then I will reopen the shop with a limited number custom spots available. The shop will only be open for a week!! I will then shut up again while I jet over to Adelaide for the wedding. I have actually been sewing the whole time I have been unpacking and I haven't had a break yet. I have a number of twitter dresses that will ship tomorrow and a couple of ready to ship pieces that will be available upon re-open...

So the winner of the give-away... I decided to do a random draw which came back with #52 (Melania) who I believe is an instagram buddy of mine under the name of gentlefolk?? Happy days! Thanks so much to everyone who entered and shared and who left beautiful birthday messages. You are all amazing and I am so honoured to share this creative space with you.

Bec x