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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Fabric Update

Photographing my obscenely large fabric collection is a huge task. It is one that I have to psyche myself up for. Starting early this morning I pulled out my fabrics, stack by stack and started to catalogue my stash. I am pretty much finished.... Here is the link to the new page

I  will re-open the shop on Saturday with limited custom spots available. Get in quick if you want first pick from the new fabrics!! 

Now I am seriously exhausted. The small person is taking a few days with her dad so I am baby free and looking forward to an easy night. Spicy food, Chocolate, T.V, Bed socks... You get the idea....

Bec x


  1. I just adore browsing your fabric collection, so gorgie

  2. Gorgeous Fabrics, really LOVE them! Enjoy your choccies and bed sox,

  3. Oh my, think i have died and gone to Naughty Shorts fabric heaven!! They are all just beautiful.
    Hey Bec, if you ever need some bed socks, I have a whole stack here that my Nan crochets. She practically gives me a pair a week - always a different colour!
    Janelle B

  4. Those are gorgeous!! I love all four stacks!! lol. :) Happy Thursday, enjoy your night! xo Holly