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Friday, August 15, 2014

groovy baby - retro terry towelling fabric

How lucky I was to chance upon a massive pile of retro terry towelling fabric last week. I bought it online and hey presto, here it is a week later sitting in a basket at the end of my bed. I am planning to use it for a plethora of spring inspired projects - bucket hats, shorty shorts, sunsuits for the little person, fuzzy cushions, actual towels! the list is endless and I am  so keen to get stuck into it.

We have been unwell, the winter yuckness  has had a hold of us. So I may not achieve much this weekend. I am hoping to get a little sun to warm these chilled bones and pale legs. Open the windows and breathe some fresh air into this shack.

Happy Friday! I hope you have a gorgeous weekend planned. 

Bec x

Sunday, August 10, 2014

market night info

Welcome to the naughty shorts Market Night INFO PAGE.
The next market is SUNDAY the 10th of August at 5pm Western Australian time...

Here is the nitty gritty - Please do not purchase without reading this first!!

1. first to comment SOLD with your email address, from 5pm WST (my time!) will win the item pictured. If you have daylight savings or if you are in another time zone you will have to work out what time this means for you...

2. If you are the successful purchaser I will notify you via facebook and then email you  to arrange payment.

3. Payment must be made via paypal before Wednesday this week. I would like to be able to post all ready to ship all items by the end of next week.

4. Please allow up to 8 weeks for custom orders to be made and shipped.

5. Flat rate shipping of $10 express Australia wide and $20 airmail International. Any big difference in postage costs will be refunded.

6. As I am selling multiple custom listings at one time, fabric will be allocated on a first come/first serve basis. This means that your first fabric choice may not be available, but I will work with you to find the perfect fabric for your dress!!

Naughty Size Chart - 

Size 6 = bust 83cm (32.5"), waist 65cm (25.5'), hip 91cm (36")

Size 8 = bust 88cm (34.5"), waist 70cm (27.5"), hip 96cm (38")
Size 10 = bust 93cm (36.5"), waist 75cm (29.5"), hip 101cm (40")
Size 12 = bust 98cm (38.5"), waist 80cm (31.5"), hip 106cm (42")
size 14 = bust 103cm (40.5"), waist 85cm (33.5"), hip 111cm (44")
size 16 = bust 108cm (42.5"), waist 90cm (35.5"), hip 116cm (46")

Size 18 = bust 113cm (44.5"), waist 95cm (37.5"), hip 121cm (48")

Thank you!!!

Bec x