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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

happy as a clam!

Hi there party people! How are you this fine Tuesday evening?

I have had a one of those days - no not one of THOSE days - but one of those days when everything seems to fall into place. A happy day. Full of smiles and achievements. 

My small person went off to daycare without a hitch..
Started the day with an hour in my favourite cafe self caffeinating... 
I finished all of the dresses that I had planned to...
They all looked even more beautiful than I had hoped for...(photos tomorrow)
Amazing new goodies arriving in the post...
I received the most wonderful feedback...
I announced my first facebook market night...

Pretty good all round! I am most pleased - and exhausted. I have had such a busy day I did not even pause to take any pictures - so please enjoy these snippets stolen from yesterday...

If you haven't checked out the naughty shorts facebook page yet please head over and take a peek! After deciding to hold my market this thursday at 8pm AEST - I have been BOMBARDED with new likers and heaps of wonderful kind words - too many for me to keep track of or get back to. I will try though!

The response has been so so SO overwhelming that I am now more than a bit nervous about how it will all go down. I hope that what I have to offer doesn't disappoint. There are not as many dresses as I was hoping, Being sick has really set me back - but I will be offering a handful of custom spots as well all of the 'ready to ship' pieces that I have been working on.

Well, now I will enjoy my pot of tea, a snuggle with my small person, and I think it will be off to bed so that I can wake up and do it all again tomorrow!

I hope that your day was wonderful and productive too!!


Bec x


  1. Hi Bec, dont you love those days, they seem few and far between, had one recently myself.. relaxed and productive! Adore your dresses, I am sure they wont disappoint.
    x Victoria

  2. Good for you!! such a good day!
    Well done and sleep well...


  3. Wowza that is a day and a half. I'd be feeling pretty happy with myself if I'd accomplished that in a week, let alone a day! Looking forward to market night, I'm sure it will be fab xx

  4. You could never disappoint! I am so glad I could be a part of your wonderful day - you well and truly made mine amazing! Mucho love to you.....xxxxx

  5. Just wanted to say your dresses are super sweet, and you're very clever!!! x