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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Pannawonica - here we come!

Today we received a phone call that may change our lives. My love is being considered for a residential mining position in a small town called Pannawonica! This town was established in the seventies especially to accommodate the workers on the mine. It has a population of 700!! That is a teeny tiny town! 

Now we have been hoping to make the move to a residential mining town for a while now. It seems the best thing to do for our new family. To save the pennies and buy a home of our own. It will be a great way to get ahead. BUT holy moly - now that it is happening I am freaking out a little. In a good way though. I am excited!!

Rio Tinto will be flying us to Karratha on Sunday where we will spend the night in a local hotel. We will pick up the car and make the drive to Pannawonica where we will inspect the town and the mine site. I will have to wear steel capped boots and one of Levi's reflective work shirts, so I will get to make a really stylish impression :)

We will be leaving the small person with my mumma for the night, so I intend to make the most of it and turn the whole thing into a little romantic get-away!


I hope so much that my house up there is an older one! With wooden floorboards and window frames. One thing I know for sure is that there are NO OP-SHOPS in Pannawonica. And my morning coffee will now need to be made at home rather than around the corner at my local cafe.

I also hope that Rio will be footing the bill to move us up there - because I think we will need an entire truck just to move my vintage fabric collection!! 

Yes - naughty industries will be continuing even though I am living in the desert. I just might need your help replenishing my fabric stocks.

Please if you live in the Pilbara - let me know what to expect!!




  1. change is always a good thing and if it means extra dollars to buy a dream home then it will be sooo worth it. don't you worry, we will look after your fabric stocks. family is everything, you will have enough love out there to feed your gorgeous little family. i don't know much about that region but i'm a WA girl at heart, i know it will look after you. xx

  2. How exciting for you and your wee family. I love setting up new homes! (Been a while now tho) I'm sure you will have plenty of support judging by your fan club :)

    Hope you have a wonderful mini get-away and all the very best for a new and exciting chapter in the book of "Naughty Shorts!". x

  3. Wow that sure will be a change. But I'm sure everything will work out just fine for you and your family. x

  4. What's that they say about change being as good as a holiday???
    It'll be fine Bec...I'll scout out some vintage sheets for you...that's a promise x

    p.s. bestest wishes for yesterday too x

  5. Wow. It has a good bakery as i remember (hmm on reflection I think this was Tom Price). My man was working near there for a while a we went up to visit. We went in Jan, it was HOT. Panawonica was small but had what you need, we just passed through using the supermarket and petrol station. We also spent a fair amount of time in town in Onslow (the next nearest village about 200kms away on the coast, which I liked lots). How cool that you have a business that you can run from there too. Lucy x I am building up my sheet collection and feel you might have a parcel soon.

  6. Like Lucy mentioned, I know both Onslow and Tom Price are wonderful places to be (both were memorable from holidays up north) so I'm sure Panawonica is too! Sounds exciting :)

  7. See told ya Bec....You'll be fine & Op-Shops or no you won't be without while we're all around....!!

    I know you'll be BUSY while you're there but I'm SURE we're all ITCHING to see TINY Pannawonica through your eyes so some pics would be GREAT....!!!

    Cheers for now,
    Tamarah xx

  8. I love you guys!!!! So much! I feel even more confident making the move knowing that I have my online buddies to hang out with!! Mwah!!