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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Shop update....

I re-opened the etsy shop this morning, and watched the dress listings sell as quickly as I could add them. My shop now looks bare and boring, with just a few random cushions and blankets left behind. I am refraining from adding more dresses for sale, as tempting as it may be, as I do not want to end up with too many outstanding orders when it comes time to make the big move to Panna.

Above is a sneaky preview of a photoshoot by the incredibly talented Katie Mitchell. I will have more to show you next week and I can't wait!!

In other news - I have finished updating my fabrics. I have now listed all of the standard and premium fabrics together on one page that you can check out here and the deluxe fabrics have their own dedicated page here. Updating my fabrics has become a MAMMOTH task. I must try to tame the beast that is my fabric stash!! I hope the new system holds up for a while....

Anyway, I am feeling a bit distracted so I will love you and leave you.


Bec x


  1. Wow how awesome is that to sell out so quickly!!

  2. There are so many pretty fabrics! I would love another one of your dresses but I have to save every penny for my travels at the moment!