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Friday, April 1, 2011

these are my boyfriends

I feel like I am getting to know so many of you :) It makes me want to share more!! So, because I like to make lists, and also because I just saw Prince Harry on news, I thought I would share my all time biggest crushes with you - just for fun...

My latest crush - Dr Who from the new series - must see television!! Yes he looks like a dufus, but if
you watch the show, you will understand...

Rory - also from Dr Who - also looks like a bit of a dufus... I didn't even like Rory to start with - but if you watch the series...

Prince Harry!! The bad boy royal - what a spunk!! Who doesn't love Harry!

Danny Zuko - I have loved him since I was about 5 years old... I still maintain that John Travolta is probably the only celebrity that I would faint over if I saw him on the street...

Absolutely my number ONE!! Bon Jovi - but only pre year 2000. ...My 80's rock star! OMG - LOOK AT HIM!
I would butter his bread in a heartbeat - ha ha, I don't even really know what that means...


Anyway... That's enough sharing for the evening. Just something a bit different from the norm of vintage fabrics and pretty dresses.

I want to know who your crush is... Maybe I have forgotten someone??

Hope you are off to a good start for a cracking weekend! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

Bec x


  1. Your celebrity crushes made me giggle! Only because there seems to be no common thread between them (besides the Dr Whos!), not because of who they are. Thanks for sharing :) Thinking of doing my own list now!

  2. It's the David Tennant Dr Who for me.