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Monday, May 2, 2011

misty and clancy...

I had so so so much fun making these last night. An hour of mindless sewing without a tea dress in sight. As you can see - they have no limbs and no shape so it was so easy - fool proof - I promise. I might make up a little tutorial. Let me know if you want to make one too.

As you can see I completely lack any creativity when it comes to shapes cut out of fabric - I am stuck on hearts! I don't mind, I like hearts, and now every time Zavian sees a heart, she says "love", which makes me smile.

An update on the dress front: I am still within my 8 week wait. I had planned to of cut down the wait by now, but amidst public holidays and snotty noses I have lost a few sewing days with Zavian out of day-care. But I will make this up in the next couple of weeks. Thank you all so much for your patience. I have had HEAPS of lovely ladies coming back for seconds too - which is the biggest greatest compliment ever - hooray!!

Voting is still open on the dress-ups photo comp, so get your skates on and head over here to vote

Naughtyshorts also had a lovely little feature in Fluid Magazine - which is so very awesome - you can read about it here if you would like.

Hope you had a fantastic day, and that you are well and happy wherever you are...

 I am off to bed.



  1. you are so clever, lady! Your pair of lovebirds made me grin this morning! Thank you! (can you let me in on how to make 'em? I am sure Lottie would love a pair of her own ) XX

  2. These are so adorable I love the use of so many different fabrics - Love

  3. :D Gorgeous!!
    Wow an hour of mindless sewing, YUM!!...I'm bubba free this morning wooohooo!!! Must get my butt off the computer and to the sewing machine for some sewing fun :)

  4. thanks miss Blossomn - your amazing violet bunny was a big inspiration. Yes go sew!! Do it! Mwah!!

  5. lovely!

    i wish i had more time to sit and sew... i feel unbalanced when i cant read or sew (or op shop for that matter)!

    kel xx

    p.s - i would definitely get that iphone back... even if it just for instagram! haha!