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Monday, May 30, 2011

Make your own LONG person!!

THIS is an easy tutorial that requires little skill - but lots of creativity! LONG PEOPLE have no LIMBS! They can be made in ANY size, out of any scraps you have lying around. The only rule is that the two rectangles that make up the back and front of the long person end up the same size...  Enjoy!!

* ONE 6" x 13" rectangle of heavy weight fabric for the back of your long person...
* ONE 6" x 4" piece of BLACK fabric for your hair
* ONE  6" x 5" piece of calico for the face
* ONE 6" x 6" piece of printed fabric  and
* ONE 6" x 3" piece of a contrasting printed fabric for the body
* FABRIC SCRAPS for decoration
* Embellishments - GO NUTS!!
* Coloured permanent markers and a black ball point pen to draw your face
* Scissors
*sewing machine
* STUFFING!!! - very important, or your long person will be a FLAT person!!

1. Gather your materials...

Collect any embellishments you like!!
Think buttons, rick rack, ribbon, lace, fabric scraps, fringing, pompoms... If you have a tin full of sewing *stuff* that you don't know what to do with - now is your chance to use it!!

2. Design your face and hair - Don't stress too much about the details, you can change your face later...

3. CUT out your hair, so that you can use it as a template to cut your black fabric...

4. DRAW your face onto your 6" x 5" square of calico using the ball point pen...

5. GENTLY colour in the face using your coloured permanent markers... Go lightly as these will bleed
into the fabric and blend into the lines of your ball point pen...

6. Now you can sew the hair onto the face of your long person...

you can sew as many decorative lines into the hair as you wish!!
7. Lay out your front body pieces along with the face and your embellishments... 

...play around with the design until you are happy with how it looks.

8. NOW you can proceed to sew on your decorations piece by piece, layer by layer.


9. SEW your three front pieces together with the right sides facing. You can then stitch down the seam with a zigzag stitch on the right side of your long person... 

10. Decorate the back piece of your long person however you choose...

11. SEW your back and front together with right sides facing, leaving a 2 inch hole in at the base..

12. TRIM around the outside of your long person leaving a 1/2 inch seam around the outside...

13. Clip your corners...
14. TURN your long person right way out through the hole in the bottom...

15. Now we are ready to STUFF your long person full!! Use a chop stick to poke stuffing into the corners and the ends...

16. SEW the opening shut -  and you're done :)

Well... Let me know if anything doesn't make sense and I will fix it up pronto. I have included a few measurements, but please feel free to ignore them!

Have fun!! Don't forget to show me what you make!!


Bec x


  1. OMG!!! They couldn't get any more divine! (way too clever for me though,.....),.. although I shall ****try***** to make a couple for my daughter lottie's birthday in august! lol XXX

  2. love them, you are way talanted!

  3. Love all the trims and special bits - they're people with personality!

  4. I think they're gorgeous!
    I've put them in a little feature on my blog:

    I will definately make one of these one day....

  5. these are freakin awesome, thanks for the tutorial, will definately have a go!