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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

my week in pictures...

...my new quilt-in-progress

Made from my brown/yellow FQ's from the swap...

...a few lucky op-shop finds

...and a VERY lucky op-shop find, just $10.00, and you should see it now. I will give you the AFTER photo's soon.

...definitely a case of being in the right place at the right time!!

I am zonked...

Hope you enjoy my pictures, more words to come...



  1. Your dresses are so lovely...I love looking at their prettiness.
    F.Q. quilt is looking great, mine is at a similar stage...I've "quilted" up and down the main seams where I've joined the f.qs together (it was a bit of a struggle for me AND my little old Janome!) now I'm tossing up whether to go the whole hog and quilt it properly...just not sure how to and if machine is up to it. Will probably leave as is so just binding to go...
    Sorry for long comment...love cupboard and Holly Hobbie. Your little girl looks so sweet.

  2. Your dress collection looks wonderful, love the way you have staged the photo with your gorgeous painting and boots in the shot. That teeny pink sewing machine is SUPER. Your little pink miss working like her mama is Super cute too. I bought my son a little sewing machine for $2 at a fete and he loves it but it's nowhere near as groovy as that one. Great fabric finds too. Actually the entire post was pure inspiration. Mel:)

  3. Stunning dresses, great op shop finds. love the white cupboard, maybe i should check out the ones
    in Dunsborough as I never find anything in busselton.

  4. Wow, your gorgeous creations never cease to amaze me!!! Too cute for words............

  5. Lovely, lovely post. Heavenly dresses, cant wait to see the the cupboard turned out, what a find! And what a cute wee chicky you got there too x

  6. Sarah, only problem is you will have to beat Bec to it! The little op shop in dunsborough is the best though.

    Check dress looks nice! But excited about my pink one. Back to work. x

  7. Gosh you are a busy lady! Love the new quilt and your oppie finds are fantastic! That cabinet was a score and a half! :)

  8. I adore your dresses i would like them all please ;-)) just love the fabrics of them. Cant wait to see the cupboard transformation. Your little girl is so cute bless her, dee x

  9. gosh i am thrilled i stumbled upon your lovely blog. your dresses are just beautiful. i've bookmarked your shop and i think i had better start saving:)