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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Hello ladies!

These are the lovely ladies I finished today, ready to post tomorrow!!

This fabric is so heart-achingly beautiful. It feels so soft and is perfectly faded. Luckily there is enough left over
for me to make one for myself if I have the skirt a bit shorter...

This dress is a perfect example that sometimes you don't need the prettiest fabric to make a pretty dress...

Retro blooms...

Golden roses...

A new project...

Inspiration from here

and here...

I had an awesomely productive day, finishing heaps of dresses - THANK BLOODY GOODNESS!!!! I am right on my 8 week wait time. Luckily, I have just completed the last of the orders from the Frankie rush, I still have a lot of orders to finish, but from here on it should be an easier load to manage.

What a ride!! It has meant lots of late night sewing sessions, a messy house, 3 million cups of tea and too many ginger bikkies. Thanks all so much for your patience, encouragement and support!! What a dream come true it is to be able to work from home doing what I love!!

In other news I have already started another quilt. High on the success of my first attempt at a large quilt, and excited to use my new fat quarters from the swap, I stayed up late on Monday night and half finished a new quilt top. I will share some photos of that tomorrow.

Yes well - I know that I have a lot of projects on the go. That's just how I roll. I'm sure that there is a saying out there about fingers and pies that would be relevant to me...

Any tips on Rag rugs?? Please share - this is my first attempt and I am open to advice.

I hope so much that you are well and happy - wherever you are...


Bec x


  1. O WOW i adore those dresses just beautiful fabrics and colors you clever lady ;-)) I just wanted to say hello and what a wonderful blog you have i will be popping back real soon and will look forward to reading your future posts. Take care and happy sewing, dee x

  2. I saw my dress!!!! So beautiful!! Can't wait to read more on your blog. You are soooo talented. Would love to see photo of your quilt.
    Big hug.

  3. hi there lady! i am very much interested in purchasing one of your lovely frocks. Am more than happy to wait in line with all the other frock hungry ladies but just thought I would ask, do you have any ready to go in either a 14 or 16? If I order through etsy do i just say which fabric? kind of have my eye on premium no.8... x

  4. hi little bird - I have zero ready to ship right now!! But if you would like to order a custom dress, please feel free to pick up a premium tea dress listing and just remind me of your fabric choice and size at the checkout. THANKS HEAPS!!! for your interest xoxoxoxoxo

  5. Delia - thanks so much for stopping by!! Happy sewing to you too!

  6. so bummed i missed out on that vintage sheet FQ swap. curse.

    . . . considering a rag rug for my next project. but a crochet one instead of braided. (apparently easier?) so i'm no help to you sorry.

    did i ever get back to you about the tip shop question (ages ago)? we're in denmark.

    keep churning out those funky frocks clever lady.


  7. Totally loving these dresses! Really beautiful! ... I know what you mean about having numerous projects on the go...i can't help doing it either!

  8. hi. Rubab from Pakistan. i love ur frocks there r really beautiful. i see ur rag rug was having the same problem as mine had.
    tip "make sure once you get your center started and going...place your coil on a flat surface. this will ensure that your rug lays flat with each coil.
    also make sure you do not overlay the braids at all. they need to be laying flat and to be sewn side by side to each other."
    also i tried using hot-glue at turns and then stitch them so tat i get a flat look. mine was an oval shape the straight didnt gave me any problem only the turns would go wrong. i hope this helped.

    1. thank you :) I abandoned this project ages ago, but maybe its time to give it another try... bec x