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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Happy mum's day!!

we are all so happy that auntie Elle has come to stay with us for the weekend...

...here is a very hungover auntie snuggling up in my new quilt!! I was looking forward to putting miss Elle to work modelling a few dresses before I sent them off to their new homes... BUT
GUESS WHAT?? - auntie is now too skinny to model my dresses!

...so once again I turned the camera on myself to get a few pictures...

LOOK!!! buttons!

...this is the prettiest fabric I have ever worked with. It is RIDICULOUSLY CUTE!

... a small person

AND a big person....

...this will be for sale as a ready to ship in about 20 minutes in my etsy shop

I knew that choosing the right buttons was an important decision, so I just randomly grabbed ten out of my button jar and hoped for the best...

...my first day-care-made hand print card from Zavian

MY QUILT!!!!! I used a lovely old green flannelette sheet for the binding. It has lost all of its fluff and is now smooth and snuggly...

...the most amazing sheet fabric on the back - this beauty was new in the package and just divine...

I quilted it diagonally from edge to edge to make a cross-hatched sort of pattern - I'm sure there is a technical name for it but I do not know it...


...my long people in bed


I was so happy to be woken up with a big kiss from my little, and a new set of cookie cutters for 'ninja bread men'. Brekky at the local cafe for eggs Florentine and bacon, banana bread, yummy coffee and organic local wood fired fruit toast.


Hope you are having a lovely mothers day - and Kudos to the gentleman who just placed an order in my shop for his wife's mothers day pressie - he even chose the fabric - WHAT A STAR!!


Bec x


  1. I love it! Great photos too! :)
    Looove the pink dress - delish - but as usual all the dresses are divine.
    What a lovely Mothers day :)

  2. Gorgeous, Gorgeous, Gorgeous, GORGEOUS!!!
    So, when are you going to start selling quilts like yours? Ha! I know it must have been a mammoth job, but quite seriously it is one of the loveliest things I have seen in a l-o-n-g time!

  3. LOVE the blue dress!!!! is it still available? Sounds like you had a fab mother's day! XOXO

  4. Your work is sooooooooo incredibly beautiful!!!!!

  5. That quilt is so pretty, love the colour combination you have used- that pink fabric is pretty delicious. The new button dress is really cute. Sounds like you were more than adequately fussed over too.

  6. hi bec - I have just listed it for sale :)

    THANKS all so much for the kind words on my quilt... I am absolutely chuffed with how it turned out. Maybe I might make one to sell one day... i just have to get through about 19 million tea dresses first!! Ha ha.

    MIss Alana - I do want some more tape :) I will contact you this week - thankyou xo

  7. I absolutely LOVE your quilt! So inspiring I want to make my own! The buttons on the dress are also very cute.

  8. That quilt is so beautiful!! Jealous (in a good way) that it's not on MY bed! I love your dresses and just wanted to tell you that you make some beautiful items. Keep up the great work!

  9. oh my-your blogworld is so over the top divine.....singing and skipping jo.

  10. Buttons!! now I want a dress with buttons! Your quilt is divine,... your long people are amazing! (my lottie would kill for a set'o'long people!),... I just sent some friends over your way to order tea-dresses too! love xx

  11. Thanks miss Jane - I will do a little long-people-tutorial as soon as I can :) Your wonderful xo

  12. Your quilt is just lovely!
    Well done! It looks like the perfect place for a snuggle.

  13. ummm... this quilt is freaking awesome!! i am definately going to make one with some of my lovely vintage FQ's! is yours made with squares? how big were they?

    kel x

  14. this has inspired me to give making a quilt a go!! it looks so lovely!! ..now to figure out how.. any tips? xx