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Sunday, May 29, 2011

put your own stamp on it... mini DIY

I wanted to make a few personalised gifts this weekend. So I grabbed an embroidery hoop and some floss and took my place on the couch...

I was planning on embroidering a whole name. After about 20 minutes and 4 big knots, all I had achieved was ONE LETTER! Bah! 

I have never learned embroidery, and I would still like to learn, but this weekend I needed instant gratification - so I had a little think - and this was the result...

...I went a bit nuts, with a few made up names for future long people and other critters.

Plus a few random numbers that I am sure I will be able to work into designs somehow... 

The whole process is really very easy, takes no-time at all, little space and inexpensive equipment. I will run you through it...

You will need -

* Fabric printing ink
* Sponge roller
* Alphabet and/or number stamps
* Scissors or a rotary blade (for cutting up your finished labels)
* Fabric to print on
* an Iron

1. Set up your space so that you are protecting anything precious from your fabric ink - you don't need much space, but remember that accidents can happen...

2. take about a teaspoon of your fabric ink onto a paper plate and gently roll your sponge roller in the ink on one side so that it is evenly coated. This will be your make-shift ink pad...

3. Proceed to dab your stamps onto the sponge roller AND stamp away to your hearts content!!! YAY! easy!

4. Leave your fabric to dry and then give it a good iron to set the ink. This will make it colourfast in the wash (make sure you read the directions on your ink and follow the manufacturers instructions).

5. Make sure you give your stamps a little clean with a toothbrush or similar after. Fabric ink is thick and sticky - so you don't want it to ruin your stamps - let them live to stamp another day!

Now you can use your handywork any which way you like!! I have attached one here to a hot water bottle cover that I have made for Levi out of an old flanny shirt...

You could attach them onto ANYTHING!

 You could write sentences, even paragraphs!! Whoa!  radical!  I know!

They don't even have to be an add on, they could be the main attraction!

I am so excited to get into mine. I think I will be attaching them to everything.

Happy stamping!!

Bec x

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