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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Ode to "Shabby Vintage Junk"

I am slowly getting sorted!! I have collected so many new fabrics lately that I have had to buy industrial shelving for the spare room just to store part of my collection.

I am always on the look out for pretty new storage solutions, so when I witnessed this old cabinet being dropped of at the local oppy, I practically ran inside to bags it, before anyone else had the chance. It was one of those "heart-stopping-lump-in-your-throat" moments. I knew that it would be perfect. Lucky I did race for it, by the time I drove my car around the front to pick it up the lady could have sold it five times over.

I picked it up for a song, just ten dollars, plus the ten I spent on metal fly wire to replace to glass doors. My most wonderful dad spent the day putting in the fly wire for me, and it suits the cupboard perfectly.

Miss Tamarah over at "shabby vintage junk" would be proud, I'm sure :)

Anyway, I have been trying to take a few nice pictures, but it seems that my small person has left a permanent smudge on the lens of my camera - another one bites the dust! I have also managed to squeeze it into a part of the room that is obscured by another wall, that leaves a constant shadow across it... Oh well.

Any who.... I am re-arranging the studio. Trying to make it function again. I have spent the last 2 months sewing on the kitchen table, and the house is chaos. I have invested in some plastic storage tubs to separate my scraps, one for every colour of the rainbow, so now I must remember to sort as I go.

Well I am off to bed.

Hope you are well and happy, wherever you are.


Bec x


  1. your vintage sheets look so pretty all stacked up in those lovely old cabinets...I love opening my linen cupboard and looking at mine although it's a bit messy now because I've squeezed so much in. I have a big glass surgical cupboard which would be perfect to store them in...thanks for inspiring me to think of it Bec and thanks too for vintage sheet quilt inspiration...I finished mine today! Hooray! Have a look-see on my blog if you've got time x

    p.s will email re dress tomorrow

  2. Wow, isn't that a lovely sight! Your collection is wonderful! There's something so nice about having a full stash. =)

  3. gorgeous!! Look at all your fabulous fabrics!!!!! good old dad :) xxx

  4. Now that was the bargain of the century!

  5. Oh my, so lovely!
    What a fabulous find - it is just perfect stuffed full of vintage fabrics like that.

  6. I love that cupboard I so need some and your dresses are just so gorgoeus

  7. Oh Bec....You are SO right....I absolutely ADORE it & I'm sure I'll be back time & again just to feast my eyes on your YUMMY fabric stash & GLORIOUS chippy cabinet....!

    Have an AWESOME week Lovey....!!

    Tamarah :o)

  8. Such a bargain. It looks great with all your colour coded fabric stored in it.

  9. That's a gorgeous bargain of a find - I love that you left the shelves blue and popped all your bluey/purple fabrics in there. The flywire looks like it has always been there. Melx

  10. Oh my Gosh, How do you keep all you fabric looking all nice? Mine is always get crazy.

  11. Great cabinet it holds loads ;-)) You have the most amazing vintage fabrics. Have a lovely week, dee x