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Monday, October 15, 2012

Around here...

We had a wet weekend. The rain didn't really stop so we spent most of our time indoors in the little pink house. We made a cubby and watched lots of tv. I sewed a string of bunting as a gift for a little friends birthday. We went to the party but didn't stay long as the small person was in a sensitive way, and not being allowed to blow out the candles on someone else's cake tipped her over the edge...

The miserable weather and lack of sun made it impossible to get any fabric photos sorted! But they are coming so stay tuned. I did get lots of sewing done though, so I have a big stack of dresses all sewn and ready to ship to their new owners. I will also have a few ready to ship pieces to list in the etsy shop tonight.

I also promised to draw a winner for my fairytale flower giveaway! I was meant to do it last night. I lay down to put the small person to bed at about 7.30 and just didn't get back up again!! I was THAT tired. So I will announce a winner now... drum roll please...

Miss Sarah who wrote - I love the golden champagne organza flower too. I would wear it to work on a cardi... I also have two high-tea events coming up and one of these flowers would go really well on a dress for that too :)

Shoot me an email miss and I will pass your details on to lovely miss Gia.

Bec x


  1. Ooooh, I want to come and play. I used to make cubbies like that when I was a little one. It looks very inviting.
    It must be torture for small people not understanding that they cannot blow out the candles on other's cakes.

  2. I remember those days when I read bedtime stories and then just shut my eyes for a moment beside my poppets which turned into a few hours sleep.

    Gorgeous pic of your wee one crawling out of her den, with the most divine crochet blanket on top. Love the colours.

    I'm not surprised you're tired. I'm always amazed at all you fit in, but with your wonderful talent for whizzing up beautiful dresses then there should be no stopping you. Have a great week.

    I always read by the way and really enjoy your blog, but rarely leave a comment as I'm usually browsing between lessons before my students come back.

  3. Congratulations Sarah! Loving your indoor play with the little one, how special.

  4. Your little pink house is such a home already Bec and that cubby is superb, crochet makes the best structural walls ( speaking from extensive experience of course) mel x

  5. oh man your no light for a good photo made me laugh. i live in the highlands... almost no sunlight at the moment.. always waiting. but every now and then there he blows. and Its on like donkey kong.