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Thursday, October 4, 2012

baby I'm back!

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So here's the news - I have finally replaced my laptop!! I can't tell you how difficult it has been trying to operate without it. Thanks so much for the patience of my customers who have been trying to contact me without a reply. I will be getting back to everyone as soon as possible!! Please feel free to send your email through again if you think I have missed it all together. Sadly, as I discover other items missing from around my house, it appears that I was burgled while I was in Adelaide. Frowny face. I am trying not to think on the fact that I have lost three years worth of treasured photographs of my small person. There is no point in dwelling on misfortune so I will just take this lesson with me and get into the habit of backing up important files. Have you done this. Do it! Do it now!!

So I have been absent for a few weeks and there is so much to catch up on. There is a bounty of treasure I discovered in Adelaide charity shops that I will have to do a show and tell with. My little person celebrated her third birthday. I have wedding pictures to share and a HUGE stash of new fabric to upload to the library. The sugar shack has acquired a few new pieces and is feeling more and more like home everyday. Moments of glorious sunshine have been giving us a sneaky peak at how amazing this summer will be...

I cant wait to settle in tonight with a cuppa and spend a couple of hours catching up on my favourite blogs and online spaces. It will all have to wait for now. I have to get sewing!! I am right up to date with orders and I want to stay that way. I will leave you with a few instagram pictures from the week so far. Bec x


  1. Welcome back!
    Sorry to hear about you loosing pictures in the robbery as well.
    Happy 3rd birthday to the cute pasta eater too.
    I look forward to seeing some pictures in time.

  2. Can't believe you were burgled. How horrible! And the pictures, trying not to think about it too. Happy birthday to little miss. X

  3. Oh no, terrible news.
    I guess on the positive side you would have been able to get heaps of work done without the distraction of the computer and the hours that go by when browsing all the goodness that can be found online.

  4. Getting robbed sucks :( My friend's handbag was stolen while we were out last weekend. It's such a bad way to end the night.

    I dropped our external hard drive last year and nothing could be saved from it. One of my friends told me he backs everything up to 3 different places. We bought 2 extra hard drives, but we need to start using them.

    Your bed looks really nice, I want to go snuggle in it :D

  5. So sorry for you. I've lost 16 months worth of photos of my 4 kids. It sucks!!! Glad to have you back online though : )


  6. how great that things are back up and in order in your world. When things get out of hand in my life, I definitely get into a tizzy. Although your photographs of your little one are lost, your memories live on!

  7. We've been robbed twice, in two different houses - unfortunately we lost precious photos of my youngest with my Grandfather who passed away not long after, after the anger of the scumbags taking things you work hard for, its the loss of the photos that hurt. We have an external hard drive, and use icloud - as well a few other devices, iphone, ipod, laptop so hopefully, if one goes missing we can still access our stored data. Very Happy to hear you're back up and running!! and happy birthday to the little one!!