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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

27 dresses

Well if you count them there are actually only 19 dresses in the shot, but there are another four ready to finish hanging in my studio, and then another four to cut and sew before the big move... and then I will be finished for the year.  I did not think that I would make it. But now I am certain that I will.

After 5 days of hardcore non-stop dressmaking I am ready for a rest. Tomorrow will be devoted to yummy food, beach time and naps taken with my small person.

Once again, I have so much goodness to share with you. Pretty dresses, thrifted finds, new friends and  exciting news - but it all has to wait for my brain to return....

I hope you are enjoying a lovely week so far.

Bec x


  1. Naps with small people....heaven xx

  2. Oh wow! They all look so pretty lined up in a row! I'd love this to be my wardrobe :)
    Sophie x

  3. Do you write a story for all your dresses too? Have a lovely time resting x

  4. I'm with Sophie, wish that was my wardrobe! :)

  5. Hey amazing lady how about the formula for drive determination and accomplishment. You are amazing and inspirational. Xx

  6. you might just be my favourite person in the world!! after gushing over all that lovely fabric you send me i came home to fine ANOTHER parcel on my front door!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH... seriously! i may have shed a few joyful tears! haha!

    thanks so much. really really really!


    p.s - those dresses look amazing all lined up!

  7. These look GORGEOUS! Makes me wish it was spring already!