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Thursday, November 10, 2011

What day is it again?

This afternoon has been spent pottering around my house. My studio is once again a rainbow of half finished dresses. I have about thirteen dresses on the go this week. It looks so beautiful, I love being surrounded by so much prettiness. Unfortunately I have misplaced the camera again, so I have no pictures to show you. After a clean-up effort tonight I'm sure it will turn up. So I will have some dress photos tomorrow.

Today's effort has included the hanging of my Mona Lisa tapestry, and a battered vintage heart shaped cake tin. I plan to collect a few of these and make a display in my future dream home...

Zavian and I dropped past the Yallingup bakery to pick up a loaf of their organic, wood-fired fruit toast. Unfortunately they were sold out, but we took the time to stop and pick a few pretty branches from the nearby bushland, and they now sit prettily alongside my cake tin. If you know what the branches are called I would love to know...

I managed to snap a few instagram shots to share with you, so I will leave you with pics and wish you all a lovely evening...

Bec x


  1. Oh wow, your space is lovely and tidy. i am jealous of all your beautiful textiles - I really need to work on my collection for food photography :)

  2. Love all your new finds and how you display things so beautifully. Would love to see a little collection of hearts on your wall. In answer to your recent question we all well! Yay, now those darned adenoids are out, Liongirl is a new girl, plus winter is over and I love all this sunshine. melx

  3. Love your craft room pics. and the cake tin looks lovely on the wall, I must give this a go. x

  4. loveliness right there. makes me happy.

  5. Yes, you have to be early for that amazing bread. Whilst staying in the area last spring, I made several trips to the wood-fired bakery and returned empty-handed. Eventually found a roadhouse selling the bread and snaffled a few loaves.Now off to choose a fabric for the Annie dress I plan to order *squeal*