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Monday, November 14, 2011

style my space...

A nook for my small person...

My antique dummy, found at a garage sale for the grand sum of $5

I've got the nesting bug and it couldn't have come at a worse time...

With the lease on our house running out and with no date in sight for the move to Pannawonica, it looks like we might be living in limbo by the 27th of December. Merry Christmas!

I believe the owner of our house is planning to use the house over the summer as a holiday home.  It really is not as bad as I make out, I am sure that we can renew our lease and just just break contract once we are given a date to pack our bags and take up our dwelling in the Pilbara. We might be here another six months or so yet...

Anyway, so I am moving things around, culling, clearing, styling. Heaps of stuff will be going. Anyone in the South-west need an antique hospital bed? 

Hope you are having the most lovely Monday, and that your week is off to an energetic and productive start.

Bec x


  1. Goodmorning!
    Love those pictures!
    Your space is a lovely, cosy place.

    Hope things get sorted out sooner rater than later.

  2. I love your space Mine is awful! and I adore the little ones cne seat Never seen one like that before.
    And a 5er for that dummy wow!
    Hope you find somewhere to live nothing worse than being in limbo

  3. just lovely. you have such style lady. fingers crossed all goes ok and you can stay. xx

  4. i'll happily take that antique dummy off your hands!! generous soul that i am, i'll even give you more than 5 bucks for it!!

  5. Your framed pictures atop the cupboards look beautiful. The whole area is looking great. x

  6. Oh gosh, your space is gorgeous. I hope everything turns out well with your dwelling situation!

  7. We're in the process of breaking our lease to move into our bought house. The Tenants Union of Victoria has a straight-forward fact sheet about breaking leases and the costs involved: http://www.tuv.org.au/articles/files/resources/AL_breaking_a_lease.pdf

    You could try contacting the landlord (through agent, if you're using an agency) to ask if they're happy for you to continue on a month-to-month basis. I have no idea what your renting history is so I'm not going to bother telling you stuff you possibly already know!

  8. your home looks so lovely, hope it all works out for you x x x x
    I am looking at your lovely neat piles of fabrics and thinking I must go do some folding :)

  9. That teeny wicker lounge for two is making me swoon. Can just picture my Liongirl and your girl kicking bag reading golden books together. All this nesting, along with lounges for two...... are you going back for another bubby? melx