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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

So much happening!!

My life is a bit chaotic at the moment.

Packing, sorting, editing my collections, parting with treasures....

Cutting, sewing, planning and dreaming.

Weeding, cleaning, painting....

It is a bit stressful, but I am feeling so excited to be taking naughty shorts into its second year. The fact that I will be operating from the middle of the desert, just makes it all the more of an adventure! 

Change is good.

Bec x


  1. Gorgeous!! All of it.
    And so super exciting to be heading into your second year.
    Are you in Dunsborough? Someone told me you might be and if so I am so very sad not to have come in for a try on while we were there for a week last week. I wish I was brave enough to buy without trying on. x

  2. it's all just so.... /sigh~~


  3. Kate - just measure yourself up and go for it! I originally bought a size 10 and a size 12 as I was a bit in-between post-baby. I still wear both, they just have a different "look"! The size 12 is fine cinched in with a belt and the size 10 is a snugger fit. I think it's the kind of dress that is flattering to most people, my tummy does stick out a bit... but I don't care! I still feel super-glamorous in my NS dresses.

  4. i'm loving those dresses more each time i see them. Divine!


  5. I want to thank you again Bec for my latest dress, it is so gorgeous and i'm so excited to wear it for the first time on Saturday for my little man's 1st birthday. My husband busted me the other day just holding it up and oogling over it. Thanks again babe xx

  6. how exciting! sounds so thrilling being in the middle of nowhere...something that I hope our little family will be able to do some time very soon.

    AND what gorgeous dresses you make! gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous :D

  7. Gosh, I wish I had a wardrobe full of Naughty Shorts dresses!!

  8. They are all just so lovely, I'm with Tammi a wardrobe full of Naughty Shorts dresses would be a dream..

  9. thank you. you are lovely and thoughtful. from where we are we can see both fires. we're ok, but i worry about friends who live in the areas being evacuated. so devastated about the destruction in your area. aghast at the stupidity of DEC.

    rachel xo
    {can't find your email address, so contacting you here!)

  10. AAahhhhh these dresses are so perfect!!! I love, love, love them!! I have just found your blog and I can't wait to keep looking through. I have just started making my own dresses for little people out of vintage fabrics (sheets really!), a far cry from what you have here, but a start. I'm so glad to have found you :) Bianca. ivylovesjack.blogspot.com

  11. That yellow dress makes my heart melt! Oh it's so gorgeous. I can just imagine going for long walks in it and picking up little leaves and flowers.