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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Bigger than Texas!

I awoke to this gorgeous message with a link to some photos of a wedding all the way over in Texas,  featuring bridesmaids dresses by me! (how cool is that!!)  All photos are courtesy of Michelle Edmonds photography and the Style me pretty blog. Thanks miss Melanie, you were a joy to work with. It was such a great way to kick off my day, especially after three nights of hardly any sleep...

I am currently trying to get my small person to sleep in her own bed. I have moved a mattress onto the floor of her bedroom and have been sleeping there, hoping that having me nearby will be enough to get her through the night on her own... This isn't really working. Anticipating her waking up is keeping me from falling asleep and the mattress is so uncomfortable and small... And then when I DO finally fall asleep she wakes me up climbing into bed with me anyway!! By then I am too tired to get up and put her back in her own bed. Not to mention that she is waking up at 5.30 am every morning anyway...

Bah. Tonight we are both moving back into my bedroom. I have too much to do to miss out on much needed sleep...

It looks as though the current plan is for the movers to pack up the house on the 14th of December.  We will spend a couple of nights in Perth, flying to Panna around the 17th of December...

I have worked out that I have 23 orders outstanding that I would like to complete before we take off... It's a tall order, but tonight I will finish cutting all of those orders out and just take it one step at a time.

Wish me luck...

Bec x


  1. Congrats. That is so awesome to have this recognition. You have lovely designs and everyone knows it.

  2. Those photo's are divine and the dresses so beautiful ... what a gorgeous way to start any day x

    Re sleep ... take it when you can and don't punish yourself for not being able to get her to sleep solo. You have so many changes ahead ... deal with separate beds when you relocate and enjoy the zzzzz's when you can get them now xxx

    Have a gorgeous day and I hope all 23 dresses take form with ease over the next couple of weeks xxx

  3. Beautiful!

    ( my middle child slept on a mattress on the floor on my side of the bed for a long time, saved my sanity!)

  4. Ooh, your dresses are perfect for a wedding :)

    We are having the same sleep issues with our almost 2yo, but I figure he will eventually 'get' the whole sleeping solo thing.

    That is a lot of work to complete in a few weeks..good luck :)

  5. Your dresses look divine in that wedding, makes me wish i could get married all over again and frock myself and all my gals up in your dresses! And your photos from your last post are gorgeous, can you do some house photos before you pack it all up and leave, or when you unpack? you have a wonderful sense of styling, very inspiring. melx

  6. Their wedding was adorable and amazing and your dress designs fit their vintage-inspired, outdoor wedding to the T :)