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Sunday, November 27, 2011

window shopping...

Recyclyed locker from wesben on etsy
Amazing sideboard from benjaminmangholz on etsy

I found these clever things on etsy while I was procrastinating   planning our new living room in the Panna house...

I did have a plan to acquire a few new bits and pieces to make our new home in Pannawonica more comfortable. My list grew very long, very quickly. The reality of the situation is that although I would love a new couch/rugs/bed/bookshelf etc; we really can't afford to just go out and buy these things on a whim.  We are going to be taking most of our existing furniture with us, all of which has been picked up from op-shops, friends and hard rubbish.

NOW please don't get me wrong... I love my stuff. I love that not having a lot of cash forces you to find creative solutions to furnishing and decorating.  Finding abandoned treasures at the tip makes my heart race and brings me immeasurable joy!! I also love houses that are real. Lived in and mismatched. I don't love houses that look like display homes... Boring!

BUT if money were no object, then there are a few things that I would be happy to bring home...

Random stuff...

*I have decide that I am the beehive type. I found this tutorial and have been practising all weekend. I suggest you give it a try... I love it so much, I may even arrange for some pictures of me rockin' the new do soon.
*I was watching something that made me cry on the telly, and Zavian came up and held my face and said, 'don't worry mummy, I make you feel better' and gave me a kiss. Melt. heart explosion.
* I have my niece camping in the back yard with her friends for her end of school leavers...

So random. I shouldn't even be trying to blog right now...

Off to bed.

Bec x

P.s - there is still time to enter the giveaway


  1. hey lovely, window shopping is a female's god given right. :) i've been an absolute fiend on etsy lately. i haven't received an email from you! can you send it again? i have a new iphone so we could even text...it's so much easier now! have a lovely monday darling. best of luck with the packing. xx

  2. All of the above resonates with me so! And I NEED that recycled locker!!!

  3. Thanks for listing my Sideboard on your Blog.

    Benjamin Mangholz

  4. oh yes... window shopping on etsy has been known to swallow up entire days without me even realising! haha!

    will be thinking of you with all the moving and sewing and packing and organising you have to do! what a big job! lucky you are super wonan :)!!

    kel x

    p.s - i got two parcels full of fabulous yesterday! THANKS SO MUCH! you are the best. ever. seriously. i love them and will be sure to keep you posted on bridal shower happenings! Thanks again xxx