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Monday, November 21, 2011

her library adventures...

While browsing this morning I discovered these pretty pictures of miss Sophie from 'her library adventures', playing by the banks of the river in an 'Annie dress' made by me... 

Thanks miss Sophie! For taking the time to take such pretty pictures and share them with the world!! 

Remember that if you would like to win a custom 'Annie' dress of your own, and a sweet pair of Swedish clogs to match, you can still enter the give-away  here !!!

I have had such a lovely weekend. My dad and Judy (aka poppy & nanna jude) came to stay with us. They spent a heap of time doting on my small person, playing in the backyard and going for walks to the park. We all spent time in the garden pulling out weeds and getting ready to move out. There was a spot of thrifting and some great finds to share with you. Although don't tell Levi because I am not meant to be accumulating any more stuff  treasures before the move... 

I spent some time painting frames and went a bit nuts painting lots of stuff actually... Photos to come...

The house is feeling organised, the weather is summery...

We are off to a good start!!

Happy Monday! 

Bec x


  1. Beautiful dress & cute accessories Sophie is rocking, love Posie

  2. Gorgeous girl in a gorgeous dress!! Am loving your fabulous dresses!!

  3. gorgeous dress and lovely photo's. I adore your fabrics you use. Have a lovely day, dee x

  4. lovely! no worries about the parcels... i know how busy you are! whenever you get a chance is fine with me!!


  5. Sweet beans!

    Your dress looks bee-utiful! You talented girl. And I cannot wait to see you IN my house too! yay!Love you xxx

  6. I love this dress Bec. I'd have to choose this design for my next buy xx