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Friday, October 28, 2011

fabric updates...

I have spent the day snapping the latest fabrics to add to my ever-growing collection...

You can check out the rest of the new fabrics here and here... You will have to excuse the fact that the numbers are all out of order, and the fact that some have round edges and some are straight. When it comes to all this photo editing business, I am still a novice!

Still to go are the new secret garden fabrics, maybe I will get that finished tonight.

First thing tomorrow I will be driving to Perth to visit the family and I won't be home until Thursday. It's a bit of a bummer because I stayed up late finishing a rack full of dresses so that I could post them today. NO one told me it was a public holiday and that the post office was shut. Sadly these pretties will have to wait until I return to get posted. Sorry ladies!! Bad organisation on my part.

Anyway, I plan to enjoy myself in Perth nonetheless, and not think about anything that might stress me out. I have a beautiful mess waiting for me when I return.

I will leave you with just a few snaps from the week so far.

Have a fabulous weekend lovely peeps!

Bec x


  1. Gorgeous fabrics! Love the photo's outside and helping on the sewing machine, very cute!

  2. So many pretty fabrics! I wore my naughty shorts dress yesterday and I was smiling all day :)


  3. Hi Bec...
    Have a gorgeous time in perth.
    You asked about the clogs...just for reference my foot is 4 inches wide at the widest and a size 8 ...the 39 is perfect width wise...you might be able to sqeeze a bit more foot in there if needed...the leather seems very thick and strong, but soft...I just love 'em :)

  4. So nice to see some shots of your gorgeous girl whipping herself up a few frocks. Have a great time away! melx