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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Like sisters...

My little sister surprised me on Sunday afternoon, when she arrived on my doorstep with the plan to stay for a couple of nights. She has been living overseas for the last two years, and apart from when I picked her up from the airport, we have yet to spend any time together...

We had the best time catching up.
We drank lots of tea and did a little bit of crafting...
We ate yummy dinners, and had pancakes for breakfast.
We hung out at the Yallingup bakery, waiting for the woodfired bread to come out of the ovens...
We took Zavian for a bush walk, and talked to the Kangaroos...
And raided every op-shop in the area!

Her visit was short and sweet.

A wonderful new tablecloth, without any stains!!

Another new tea-cup...

Our crafty spoils... I made the doll, and Tess made the cat...

Her bunny did not turn out as she had planned... 

And I put her to work stamping my swing tags...

Thank you my sister!! I had the best time with you. Lets do it again soon!!

Bec x


  1. Oh that dolly is gorgeous, kind of a little bit of princess leia hair with wonder woman boots and cape. What a perfect dolly! You and your sister are obviously an inspirationl creative force. melx

  2. oh your a WA girl! My husbie was raised in Yallingup! Crazy times!

    how wonderful to be reunited with your sister.

    xo em

  3. sisters are the best. don't know what i'd do without kate. what a lovely time spent together. new teacup is fabulous!!! lots of sister love. xxx

  4. oh my goodness I have exactly the same tablecloth?! Here it is:


  5. Sisters are so special ...I just spent four days away in Melbourne with my two...we had such fun hanging out together. Even better that yors crafts too.