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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Happiness is a weekend full of vintage floral...

Hello beautiful people!!

I am feeling most fortunate this weekend, as I finally seem to be back to my old self. I broke my own rule last night and stayed up late working on some orders. I know I vowed to leave weekends free for recreational crafting only, but I just felt the urge to get some work done. After being sick and uncoordinated for 3 weeks (THREE FLIPPIN' WEEKS!) I am just over-joyed to even WANT to stay up late sewing! It is good news!

The sunny weather also brought the first local markets for the season. I found a gorgeous little duo of tea cups that I snatched up for the grand sum of $3.00. My small person walked away with a new scotty dog made by a cute (but rather grumpy) old granny, and a spunky pair of leggings that appear to have been imported from China...You know the ones, with funny animals printed on the bum.

There was a local girl selling original artworks for about $40.00. They were so beautiful and I would have loved to have chosen one. Unfortunately I had an arm full of King Protea's and it turns out that Miss Zavian's new game is 'lets run away from mum as fast as possible' So I had to restrain her until we were safely back in the car...

The weekend also saw me re-piling fabrics and giving my sewing room a spruce. The rest of the house has not been so lucky...

I hope you have had a wonderful weekend too! Ready to start the new week?? Yipee!

Bec x

P.s - Seeing as this is my first genuine flee-market find of the season, I have linked up with 'her library adventures' . Head over if you wish to see some other lovely market goodies or even to add your own link!


  1. Your sewing room is gorgeous and so are the fabrics!

  2. Oh me Oh my Miss Bec, your vintage sheet collection never ceases to amaze me! Gorgeous colours! I peeked a red one in there somewhere .......... I'd LOVE to find red vintage floral sheets!

    Glad to hear your feeling much better and firing on all cyclinders! Loving those king protea's too.

    Good stuff x

  3. I am very envious of your huge and extremely well organised craft room. Love all the vintage sheets, guess that is years of collecting.

  4. Gorgeous tea cups! I so love your dresses ~ can't wait to get back to summer to wear mine! Nic x

  5. Sewing room......more like sewing HEAVEN!!!!!!!!!

  6. Those tea cups are so pretty and so is your collection of sheets, just gorgeous. :)

  7. madam naughty shorts, i am delighted to find your blog! It's truly inspirational. I want your fabric stash, nay, i NEED your fabric stash!

    i'll be hitting your archives, don't you worry about that!

    xo em

  8. I love your latest dress creation. Its beautiful.



  9. I love the cups and that dress - so beautiful!

  10. Your craft room is so inspirational!!!

    The Joyful Thrifter

  11. Your sewing room looks amazing, there are so many pretty fabrics!


  12. Your sewing room is beautiful. I've added it to my inspiration journal. And all that fabric looks amazing. x