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Monday, October 3, 2011

thrifty goodness...

...because you can never have too many vintage suitcases!

As you can probably tell, I am quite thrilled with my latest acquisitions. Not only did I manage to find a few special vintage florals on my oppy hauls last week, but a quick stop-over at a friends house on the way home saw me leave with a whole stack more!! I am sorry to say that the thrifty peeps who live around my area probably don't stand much of a chance of getting their hands on such loveliness, when I have an army of ladies who enjoy collecting on my behalf. Thanks miss Sarah!! You are a star! xo  


  1. Just Fabulous! Love this as I am a vintage fabric/sheet freak my self. I too have employed some family members and friends to look for me. You have the right idea. Cannot wait to see the things you make with these lovely pieces. :)

  2. ...this is so nice...a vintage suitcase filled with vintage fabrics...oh my...


  3. love! love! love!

  4. that dark purple floral is so lovely!

  5. Great great great
    I love yor vintage