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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Happening's around here...

Another fabulous op-shop haul. I'm on a roll people!!
Planning a special dinner for my love who arrives home tomorrow night...
Signing up for this and for this...
Designing a special 'boy themed' hanky blankie for a 'soon to be here' new arrival...
Playing with a vintage 1956 singer 99k...
Sewing, sewing, sewing - but I wouldn't have it any other way!!

Hope you are having a wonderful week so far!

Bec x


  1. Sounds like fun in your world then :)
    Did you get your fabric tape parcel?? xx

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  3. Ooo! Some beautiful fabrics. I like the rounded corners on the images too!

  4. I'm catching up here...love your fabrics,suitcases and quilt in the other posts and I love this little selection, especially the lovely ricrac,gingham and lilac combo....Happy sewing :) :) :)

  5. Oh Bec I've MISSED you Love....!! Thanks ever so for the WELCOME BACK....I so can't wait to sit down with a glass (or THREE) of wine for a good CATCH UP....!!

    Fingers crossed I can pop back in tonight....!!

    Hope you're having a SPLENDID week my Friend....!!!!!

    Cheers for a bit,
    Tamarah xx

  6. looks lovely! cant wait to see the hanky blanky... i have been collecting hankies for a while and have a few little blankets planned!

    it was so lovely to catch up on your blog when i got back... it was one of my first stops! haha! bali looks like it was awesome and i love your quilt :)

    have a happy thursday xx

  7. Doesn't a good bit of op shop ferretting just life the spirits? you have had a great week by the sounds of it. melx