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Monday, October 10, 2011

Scrap management, before and after...

Sneaky peek of un-packed bags of thrifty goodness...

Hello fabric!! 

...new DELUXE fabrics!! They are Divine!

Big plans....

New books to enjoy....

Hi lovely peeps. It feels like forever since I last said hello, but it has really only been a few nights, I think...

Anyway, I have been sick! We all have been. We have all had varying degrees of yuckness over the last few days. Luckily mine seems to have come and gone already, and I am looking forward to a sewing day tomorrow. My love, on the other hand has been the worst affected, and sadly it looks as though he might not make it. Seriously. He is THAT sick....

Little Z has been showing all symptoms of the yuckness, but unless you had to deal with the 10 loads of washing that she has created over the weekend, you probably wouldn't know it for the smile on her face as she continues to skip around the house. She is amazing.

So, whilst I have been lolling around in my pj's, feeling a bit weak and sorry for myself, I have not managed much aside from a little bit of scrap folding. I have more scraps than I know what to do with, they are actually taking over my studio... More about that another time.

I also managed a bit of package opening, a little bit of reading, a few hot baths and lots of sleeping...

So I am forcing myself to stay awake now, at least until the washing machine has finished its cycle, so that the fabric that's in there might be ready to sew in the morning... I have plans.

I hope you all had the most wonderful weekend!! 

P.S - Thanks so much for your opinions on the add! You guys are the best and I love you xoxox

PPS - I just discovered that it is a very special and talented ladies birthday! So 'happy happy day' miss Katie Mitchell. Go and visit her blog over here and while your there you will get to see a few of my favourite photos.... tee hee!!


  1. I'm amazed at how much vintage fabric you find! I find pieces here and there but wow :)

  2. theres nothing like a pile of vintage fabrics to cheer me up on a dreary monday :)..hope you all feel better soon :) x x x x x x

  3. Hope you are all feeling better soon. Sounds like a big dose of man-flu? So much pretty fabric. I've flicked through that Keepsakes book and it really does look appealing. Lotta's books are so simple and stylish too.

  4. oh you are the PERFECT winner (i'm so pleased, i didn't want just a semi-vintage lover to nab it!!) email me dee.rolston(at)gmail.com so I can get your deets.

    X Dee

  5. Get better soon! In the meantime, at least you had the energy to deal with the scraps. We just had our first holiday in about 4 years where no one was sick. miraculous! melx

  6. Your fabric collection is to-die-for; I hope you all perk up very soon.

  7. LOVE-LOVE-LOVE the fabric. I found a retro print tablecloth this weekend and felt so lucky, but you have loads of the prints I love. x