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Sunday, October 16, 2011

A weekend of 'not much'


have you met my person before? She is 2 now!! And her favourite place is always right
in the middle of whatever quilt I have just made...

I made this random summer blanket this morning...

It is backed in some lovely blue sheeting...

...and made up of a few old tablecloths, barkcloths and scraps.

This does not have any batting, and it is constructed with the front and back sewn
right-sides facing and turned the right way round. 

It was nice and easy to make! Only took a couple of hours. I think I will add
a crochet edge....

Twitter birds all cut and ready for sewing...

Speaking of birdies.... look what my little sister brought back from London for me!! I have always loved this particular piece by Rob Ryan, and I guess she knew it. very spoilt I am. My mum in law took one look at it and said 'oh that's perfect
for you'... Ha ha, thanks a lot yaya!

On Friday I managed to start a few twitter dresses. I was still feeling pretty crappy, but after a couple of 'cold and flu' tablets I was pretty much off my face - doped up on pseudoephedrine. No wonder you need to show your drivers license when you buy these over the counter!! I haven't taken these tablets for a few years now, and I don't remember them having such a strong effect. I must be more sensitive than I used to be...

I am still feeling pretty pathetic now - I am sure your all sick of me complaining! My mumma has come to stay with me for a few nights. My beautiful, gentle mum!! She has the magic touch of an experienced home maker. She floats around my house collecting things and re-arranging. My house always looks so beautiful when she has been to stay. She is like a disney princess with a little singing bird on her shoulder. Having her here is definitely making me feel better. Thank you my mum!!

Hope you have had a wonderful weekend!!

Bec x


  1. Your wee one is a fine little critter Beck :)

    Love the quilt, I'm piecing my first 'real' quilt at the moment, will have to compare notes.

    Glad you had a lovely weekend.

  2. i love weekends of not much. your little lady is a cutie and i LOVE your summer quilt. so much talent. just got back from dinner with a friend and walked out with armfuls of vintage treats and fabrics...here i was complaining i'd done no thrifting this weekend! :) have a lovely week. can't say i'm that excited about it, i'm still exhausted too. lovely colourful florals to the rescue! xxx

  3. That quilt blanket is absolutely great!...i agree, it's easy to make and nice to do, but you still have to make just the right mix of fabrics...you did that very well!
    Your two year old is looking adorable...is she a bit naughty, just like mine??
    Oh, and you're blessed with such a sweet mum, let her take care of the house so you can make a few more of those nice birdie dresses ;-)


  4. That little one is gorgeous!
    Hurray for wonderful mums!

  5. i'm deeply amused by your post title of "not much" then whipping out some pics of a total awesome sauce blanket you *just* made!! :)
    and totally jealous of all your barkcloth. yummo~

    feel better soon (hurrah for mums!)


  6. Ohh thats so lovely, I have a mum like that to, she makes life so much easier! Your quilt is gorgeous, you have inspired me... I think thats my next project! lol, and I totally agree with the last comment :)

  7. The blanket is gorgeous and miss z too! Your mum sounds like a gem, I so wish mine lived closer!

    I have great plans for a stack of vintage tablecloths in my sewing room............stay tuned :-)

  8. Hi Bec!
    Your blanket is beautiful! IS there any chance you'd make one to sell? I would love a little treasure like that!

  9. Oh your wee summery quilt is heavenly...as is your gorgeous little person!! They seem to be magnetised to a crafty project don't they?! Hope your poor immune system is finally cranking up again and that you're on the mend. Wishing you a lovely week :) x

  10. Love your quilt and your cheeky girl perched on top. Must be nice remembering all your dresses in those snippets of fabric. melx

  11. as you do. just whip up an amazing little summer quilt of a weekend morning. just like that. . .


    {your mum and my mum must have been to the same mum school}

  12. Oh Bec I HOPE you're feeling better soon Lovey....!

    Love....LOVE....L-O-V-E your new quilt & am completely ENVIOUS that you were able to 'throw' it together in a couple of hours....CLEVER YOU....!!

    Cheers for now,
    Tamarah xx

  13. Ooh that gorgeous summer blanket adorning your bed is just yummo and a cute little miss too :)

    I recently saw a photo of someone wearing one of your dresses...LOVE!!


  14. Something in common already!!!! I love Rob Ryan!!!!