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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

wrapping, packing, thinking, stressed....

I have spent the day sending out orders and trying to finish what I can before the move. 
The removalist will be here on Monday and all of a sudden I am freaking out. 
I think that I have tried to do too much all at once and right now, I know I need a nap. 
I will tackle more once my brain has returned... 
All will be well...


  1. Please Bec, take good care of yourself in this
    time of your life.
    Take a nap and a coffee...don't think to much and
    off you go...

    succes xx from overseas

  2. Oh yes packing and moving is so stressful. I hope it goes well, without too many hiccups. x

  3. I agree with suitcase. It seems this is a time of transition for a lot of people (including myself).
    Take Care of yourself.

  4. take care x

    ps. that stack of fabric is delicious!

  5. That stack of fabric is beautiful. I think you are doing brilliantly, you should be proud of yourself. What you are going through is super super tough and it is expected that you would feel overwhelmed - but you are strong and you'll be fine. Take care of yourself, have a hot bath and breathe x


  6. Moving is always a mammoth task but just think ahead to a time when you will be well settled :)

  7. Hope you managed a little rest, take care, I'm thinking of you x x x x x x x x x x x

  8. Aren't afternoon naps just so amazing. I'm glad that you squeezed one into your day today. I sure wish I had too :) Stay sane lady

  9. Hello, why have I only just found you? Your dresses are to die for. Take care busy lady! x