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Monday, April 30, 2012


It is 3:50 in the afternoon and I am drinking my fourth coffee for the day in anticipation of a wildly productive evening with the sewing machine. My amazing mother has made space for me in her painting studio. A very generous space. I am so grateful that she is here to help me out. I achieved very little work over the weekend. I am feeling optimistic however as I found a daycare close-by with spaces available where I will enrol little Z tomorrow. I am really looking forward to having some structure back in our week.

Although I didn't get much work done I did have a really enjoyable weekend. Brisk walks on stormy beaches, vintage markets, home-made dinners, late afternoon naps, tip visits and a few cheeky drinks with a favourite person....

A fabulous weekend really, made all the better by the news of a new arrival who I can't wait to visit and squeeze!

The shop has re-opened and I am already practically sold out! In case you are chasing a custom spot I have two annie dresses available right now, and 3/4 tunic dresses will be made available on Saturday morning.

Hope your week is off to a flying start!

Bec x


  1. Happy to hear that you are settling in to a new routine and a different house. I bet your sewing has helped a whole lot with the transition. x

  2. A weekend recharge can be just what the doctor ordered! Have fun settling into a new routine and finding an exciting new groove! :D

  3. I love the fabric on that first photo. I have a whole sewing room, but in the 8 months since we moved in I still haven't properly organised it. I'm working on it this week, so I don't have to look for things every time I want to make something.

  4. So glad to hear that you're life is getting some structure back to it. The shop looks amazing and I'm always in love with all your fabrics and products!

  5. That fabric looks familiar, looks gorgeous made up! Glad to hear you are settling in, what a lovely Mum to share space. You are amazing Bec xxx

  6. Hi Bec, thought you'd like to know how excited I am to have nabbed one of your delightful Annie's:)
    I posted on you....I hope you don't mind?