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Monday, April 9, 2012

making plans...

Well, I can't actually believe it, but I am in the process of rearranging, sorting and packing my stuff to move back to Perth. At this stage I think that Zavian and I will be loading up the car within the next couple of weeks and making the drive down together. Once we get there we will be living with my mum  until we figure out a more permanent arrangement.

I have a handful of orders that I would like to finish before we are in limbo again. Once again I would love to thank all of my beautiful customers and supporters for such kind words of encouragement. You all make me feel like anything is possible.  

2012 - this has been a crazy year so far. It has not been all roses, but I have a wonderful feeling that this year will prove to be the start of an amazing journey. All shall be well!

I hope you have enjoyed a fun filled Easter long weekend. 

With love, Rebecca 


  1. I hope you have a wonderful week as well. All transitional times in life are scary and I look up to you for being so open and honest about everything. I have faith you'll move on and make even prettier dresses than you do now :)

  2. Best of luck with the big move. Just follow your heart and your gut and everything will be ok. Oh and enjoy that camera- I really need to learn how to use mine properly! melx

  3. Totally love your blog: found you on Kinsey's! So excited to be a new follower. xoxo

  4. hey naughty, how ya goin, been meaning to pop over yours for a while now. michelle (rock my roll) in tassie reccomended a lookie. lovely work, lovely blog, lovely smile. glad to have met you x