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Tuesday, April 17, 2012


I have been working so hard today, and I am ready to put the finishing touches on the first 8 of these pretty little 3/4 sleeve dresses... except I realise they are more 1/2 length sleeves now... hmmm. But that's fine. The good thing is I am gaining confidence in my new skills and  I am finding myself lost in the moment, just stitching away happily.

Tonight I am selling the Kantha quilts on my facebook page. I have pre-market jitters. Wish me luck!!

Bec x 


  1. Good luck with your FB sale tonight! :)

  2. Oh Bec these are gorgeous! I am so going to hint for one of your gorgeous creations for Mother's Day. WIshing you a wonderful week :) x

  3. omg omg omg.. please tell me one of those pinky tined ones is a size 12.
    simply divine Bec.

  4. All adorable! Found your blog/shop today and its such a wonderful work you do! I'll follow!

  5. Wowee you have been busy. Love the length of these sleeves. Well done. x

  6. Hey Bec!
    I love this new style!
    Just wondering if the mustard one pictured at the front was made for someone or if it might be for sale? That fabric is my DREAM fabric.
    Hope the relocating is going ok.
    Love Sarah