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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Vintage kantha quilts...

I have a memory as a very young girl, walking through a tiny store in Fremantle with my mum. This store was packed to the rafters with incredible treasures. Old and new, from near and far. I remember how enchanted I was as I carefully crept around the small amounts of available floor space. Every now and then reaching to softly touch something that was begging to be mine...

What stole my heart away more than anything else in that magical shop was a stack of hand stitched kantha quilts, made from vintage saris and cottons by craftswoman from India.... Each one randomly yet artfully pieced together and painstakingly hand sewn with thousands and THOUSANDS of teeny tiny stitches. Each one a unique piece of art with a delicious, soft, bumpy texture and decades of history all wrapped up in a blanket! Perfection.

It was then and there that I decided that I would have my own store, one day. Full to the brim with whatever takes my fancy. I imagine that would be the ultimate in self indulgence.
This year I planning on making this dream a reality. Or at least I am going to make a start!

These kantha quilts are the first of many treasures to arrive to live with me at naughty HQ...There is just one problem. They have arrived at an inopportune time as this is a period of transition for me. Next week when we stack up the car we will have room for only essential items. I have considered my options and I have decided that it would be most convenient if I can find new homes for these treasures before I leave...

The RRP for these quilts is around $139.00, but to move them along quickly I am going to offer them at the intro price of $100 including free postage Australia wide. I will sell them via facebook in a market night later in the week!! So keep your eyes on my facebook page as I upload photos and details of what will be available...


  1. Woo hoo I am in....gosh I hope i dont miss the post for the market sale!! How beautiful thast those memories have stirred in you a life long passion to have your own store....I have a similar dream!
    Your love of unique and vintage items will surely see your store dream become a florishing reality....Thank you Bec for being such a joyful inspiration!!

  2. They are beautiful Bec and I too can relate to your dream. All those exotic textiles prompted me to journey to far fetched lands to explore and see for myself. India being one of them. Ah the smells, the textures, the skill! Your Kantha quilts look absolutely beautiful but I have to admit I have have plenty of my own! All the best for your new transition x

  3. These are so gorgeous, I'd love some of these for the guest bedroom.

    Today I’ve done a post with tips for buying fresh flowers if you’d like to take a peak.Rx


  4. These are very beautiful quilts. Kantha quilts are sewn like ralli quilts the traditional textiles of Pakistan and India. Ralli quilts are made of cotton fabrics with applique and patchwork designs, totally hand sewn and hand stitched.