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Saturday, April 21, 2012

We are enjoying a very lazy Saturday around here. The house has been silent, no tv, no radio... 
We started the day with a lap around town with little Z on her trike. 
Once she was tuckered out I wrapped her up in the folds of my cardigan and a snuggly blanket and we settled into the couch for a cuddly sleep. It brought back all the gorgeous memories of when she was teeny tiny and just slept on my chest all day long.  So lovely. 
Now its time for cupcakes, tea, the latest real living magazine and maybe a nap... 
Taking it easy. Oh yeah.

Bec x


  1. This is a perfect Saturday!
    Enjoy it Bec!

    have nice weekend x

  2. Hmm a nice cuppa and one of those scrummy cup cakes, perfect. A little cuddle with your bub, can't beat it.

  3. Oh lazy Saturday's are divine!

  4. What a perfect sounding Saturday!

  5. Reading that, I wish it was Saturday and not Monday!

  6. I love your blog!! Just saying ;)